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Is Netanyahu bringing Israel closer to a 'second Holocaust'?

HAARETZ, Aluf Benn: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's actions are shaped by a profound conviction that Israel will be in danger of extermination if Iran has nuclear weapons at its disposal. Removing the Iranian threat to Israel has been Netanyahu's main goal for years, and the Iranians' progress in this realm has only reinforced his awareness that the fateful hour of decision is fast approaching>>>

05/06/2009 - 18:22

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by Mashty (not verified) on

As we Iranians say: wishing on youth is not a sin


Iran progressed. Now get over it.

by GuessWho... (not verified) on

Hey stupid, don't be stupid you stupid!

The US has 8000 nuclear weapons and 8 years into the war and what did it accomplish in Iraq or Afghaneston?

Israel will live long, but zionism is in trouble.



by Mason (not verified) on

Between interest and ideology;
Indeed, the Israelis recognized the difference between Iran’s rhetoric and its policy, and treated Iran as a potential regional ally – regardless of the nature of its regime and its rhetoric. While Khomeini called Israel a “cancerous tumors”, the Israelis – and particularly Shimon Peres, successively Israel’s prime minister and foreign minister (1984-88) – were lobbying Washington to boost Iran’s defenses and bring Tehran “back into the western fold.”
In 1982, Ariel Sharon (then Israeli’s defense minister) proudly announced on NBC that Israel would continue to sell arms to Iran – in spite of an American ban on such sales. It was then that Iran routinely introduced resolutions to expel Israel from the United Nations – to which the Israelis responded by selling more arms to the Khomeini regime.
In that period, Iran’s strategic imperatives and its rhetorical objectives clashed – and repeatedly, the ideology of the revolutionaries was sidelined by realist calculations. As a result, Iran huffed and puffed, but did very little against Israel. All of this changed by the mid-1990s as the cold war ended in anti-climax. Iran’s ideological and strategic goals began to converge, and as a result Iranian rhetoric against Israel began to be accompanied by anti-Israeli actions.
The Iranians operated against Israel in order to defeat what they perceived to be the likely consequence of Arab-Israeli peace and the materialization of Peres’s vision for a “new middle east”, which entailed Iran’s prolonged isolation and exclusion from regional affairs.


That is not true.

by AnonymousUSA (not verified) on

Israel has more than 200 nuclear bombs. The question is "who is threatening whom"?



by Negin (not verified) on

History has shown that despite the relative small size of the state of Israel, the country has been successful at beating her enemies who outnumbered her 100 to 1. The power of jewish people is not in their number but in their wisdom, as the statistics of the world population can support.

Long live Israel



by aaminian on

The only thing that is pretty accurate about these pictures is the land-mass analogy.

As far as who is enticing (read "&$%king with"!) who, both governments are doing a pretty good job; both governments are made up of fanatics that are taking their nations for a hellish ride.

On the question of who has more fire power I believe the answer is unanimously Israel, with some 600+ suspected ICBMs, enough to turn this planet to smithereens 2/3 times over!

So the title should really read:  "Netanyahou brings Holocaust to Iran".


Just like in the cartoon,

by Bavafa on

Just like in the cartoon, the little mouse has always proved to be more devious, which fits the bill just right regarding Israel.



Distorted view

by IRANdokht on

It's not Iran who's chasing the little harmless Israel, threatening to destroy it...

Iran is larger than Israel no doubt, but Israel not only possesses nuclear bombs, it's backed up by the super power with even more nuclear bombs and a history of having no problem using it!

Please don't try to turn the table and show Iran as the aggressor, because it just doesn't fit!