IRAN - Seven Faces Of A Civilization

Unprecedented look at Iran's historical and cultural achievements

This documentary is drawing on historical and archeological evidence, this fascinating documentary by Dr. Farzin Rezaeian reconstructs 7,000 years of Iranian history. Produced by the makers of Persepolis Recreated, the film's advanced animation techniques bring ancient wonders to life, giving an unprecedented look at Iran's historical and cultural achievements.

In his accompanying book, Rezaeian has reconstructed the major monuments from seven key periods in Iranian history, bringing to life the settings in which Iranian civilization developed and the context through which the greatest figures of Iranian history, from Cyrus the Great (the Achaemenid Emperor) to Shah Abbas (the Safavid King), can be understood.

Please note the following: You can find a great deal more information regarding this program at MAZAWORLD. Also, sometime back, a short version of this documentary was blogged at which was only half as long as this video. This video is 63 minutes long.

Hope you enjoy it:


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Where to Buy This Video

by LalehGillani on

If you are interested in purchasing this video, it may be ordered from Both the DVD and the accompanying book are modern day Persian treasures:



This is IRAN DOUSTI! What have we done 4 Iran except NEGH Zadan?

by gol-dust on

God bless all those invloved in producing this! They did it without any expectation and it has been only for their true love of IRAN! No amount of money can replace the rewaard they get in their hearts.. Of course, they need our support to continue their work. This where we can do a little by doing our part. JUST FOR THEIR DELESHAN! Just extraordinary!


Made by the creators of the "Persepolis Recreated"....

by alborz on

.... Farzin Rezaei and his colleagues have been at this for the past 20 years.  Their innovative computer rendering of lost structures is the first step in bringing to life what is no longer.

I hope that they receive the financial support and moral encouragement to continue their work.




by MRX1 on

Nicely done. watching this video does remind us how stupid the current calander in Iran is today (1388)  for a country with several thousend years of civilization. One of the activities post IRI regime should be to restore right calander that we can be all be proud off.



Bouw for Dr Rezaeian

by 135 (not verified) on

I was wondering how can I order this documentary? I can't find any link on the affiliated websites.


Nice video clip

by Anonymous-iran (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing.

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