Shohreh slams Googoosh!

Los Angeles singer says Googoosh should not "sit at home"

In a highly emotional phone call to one of the Los ASatellite TV programs, Iranian singer Shohreh criticized Googoosh and other artists for staying out of public and not uniting to help those in Iran.

I do not know what is going on nor take sides about who is who except that Shohreh has a point that the Iranian artists should unite and perform quality joint songs and getherings in support of the Iranian movement. Other than that based on her own words , I think Shohreh is watching too much LA based TV which is not good for her or anyone because most are filled with own agendas, are not neural medias and are so out of touch with Iran's realities!

It is obvious that the emotions are running high among many Iranians these days and artists are no exclusions.


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Iran Vatanam

by FREE IRAN (not verified) on




نازی (not verified)

گوگوش بزرگوارتر از این حرفهاست که بخواد ناراحت بشه در واقع دل همه باید برای شهره بسوزه


As much as i agree with

by RZ (not verified) on

As much as i agree with Shohreh, i dont agree with her approach, yelling at the mic, with emotions running high, and expressing a one sided approach with googoosh not present.

This is one sure way of alienating people.

Hearing her is hard to the ear--how can you win people over with that? She shouldve conveyed her message in a calm collected and cool manner. you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

Sorry but i havent bought into this jerry springer style debate.


Shohreh vs Googoosh

by MOHAMADD (not verified) on

As an Iranian living in London I agree 100% for Shohreh. Siro-ro.Khorshid you are out of touch and out of order. When millions of our countrymen endangering their lives facing Basij, bullets, batons, etc who the hell are you to critise Shohreh. After all what she is saying makes sense. All of us Iranian living abroad and in free socities must help and encuorage those people back home.
I was brought up with Googoosh's song and she is a very talented artist. But it goes a long way if she appears on Tv and support the freedom hungry people back in Iran.

Long live Shohreh
Long live Iran


I am so deeply touched to

by slc (not verified) on

I am so deeply touched to see all these artists, after being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by Dubai et al, to now come together in criticizing the Iranian government. With the exception of Shahrokh, none of these wimps have ever opened their mouths over the years.

That Andy song with Bon Jovi that everyone is salivating over...please. Andy has been brown-nosing these Gulf Arab leaders for years. As far as Shohreh goes, its bad enough that we have to see her looking like some aging prostitute on Persian TV, now we have to see her at demonstrations as well... fabulous. Even more, I'm amazed that rat Ebi still is holding concerts after bowing down to a bunch of desert Arabs and not calling the Persian gulf by its proper name. Iranians should be ashamed of themselves if they are still going to his concerts after this.

Shohreh has always been jealous of Googoosh and with good reason. Googoosh is an amazing and innovative artist. Shohreh has to dress up like Marilyn Monroe in her music videos. Though it would have been nice to see Googoosh at one of the demonstrations in LA, I'm sure she had her reasons for not attending. I can think of several of her songs off the top of my head that are patriotic and critical of the Islamic Republic.

To all you diaspora artists who have lost your principles and have made tons of money from Dubai over the years and now are completely shameless in acting like you want a free Iran - bite it. I'd love nothing more than to see the lot of you on a one-way ticket to Dubai.


haha $$$$$$$$$$

by Anonymousflower (not verified) on

Shohreh & Googoosh probably call each other and laugh all the way to the bank from all the Free PR mileage they are getting from these public spats they've had over the years.


Shohreh suffers from jealousy!

by Shir-o-khorshid (not verified) on

Shohreh khanum!

Jealousy is a disease, and you can not help that you're suffering from this disease! First of all, you need to accept that as an artist you're nowhere close to where Googoosh is, and you will never be! You and your brother are in the rank of being cruise-ship artists - nothing more! Secondly, who in the world are you to tell other people what to do or not to do? Some people like to be in demonstrations and revolutions, and some people don't. It's not up to you or anyone else to admonish people because they don't show up at demonstrations. It is SOOOO obvious that you're so jealous! It's pathetic and very sad! You're making such a big fool out of yourself, if you only knew! I never liked your songs, but now I will turn of the TV everytime they show you.


Shohreh Slams Googoosh

by ananymous (not verified) on

I have to agree with the person who posted the comment claiming that people who don't agree with Shorhreh do not really know Googoosh!I know her very well and believe me when I say she doesn't have any feelings at all. She is a cold hearted, indifferent not a good human being who always has a mask on her face when she is on the stage or on the radio or in front of the camera. She doesn't have even one good friend because she can't keep a friendship, she doesn't value friendship and doesn't care for anybody. She is the only artist in the world that has never met with her fans after a concert (except the one in Las Vegas when she needed people) or has never shown a happy face when she meets people in the streets. Artists are regular people with supposedly more sensitive characters who are able to communicate through their art or music. She does not even have the most common human beings senses such as friendship, faith, trust,truthfullness, sympathy and most importantly Love! But all her life she seeked sympathy from others, she fakes tears (even in the most recent video did you see how she hold her face in her hand as soon as the camera was on her trying to show how sad she is?) Honestly it was disgusting! Shohreh, on the other hand, is Shohreh. She does not pretend to be someone else. Whoever she is,that's who she is. But Googoosh always pretends tobe someone else who cares. If you watch her 1st concert and listen to her 1st interview in Toronto the way she was (fresh from Hamoon Iran) you would have said: Thank God, someone will raise the bar in Iranian musice. Someone will satisfy our expectations after so many years that we have been patient with Los Angeles made music. Most importantly, that someone has been living in Iran all these years and has witnessed the pain. She must have had a lot of time in her hands, so she might have a lot of things to say!!!!! Then follow her path until now, the way she has conducted herself, her hair, her clothes, her interviews, her songs and her relationships, you will get the message. Not every artist must be a humanitarian, but: claiming to be one is not acceptable. Coming from Iran wearing a very conservative dress chritisizing Los Angeles music and musicians and then change 360 degrees with feathers in her hair and showing more skin than expected from an Iranian woman, is not exactly being honest. Not with Iran and Irani and not even with herself as an almost 60 years old woman.Don't take me wrong, I believe in freedom and I know you must look good on the stage, but what happened to her was a dramatic change. She used to hate Los Angeles. She got back to Iran just before The Revolution because she had a very bad taste in her mouth from Los Angeles and then she goes and lives in Los Angeles and wastes her time working with one musician and brings that musician to the stage with her. What is that? Who could in the wildest dreams imagine that? and all those cheap introductions and jokes on the stage, praises and crying for attention for someone that she after 5 years finally put aside. She must have known from the start what a bad decision that was. But Hey..that's Googoosh. Non of her relationships lasts. Although she goes from one extreme to another to support that relationship at any cost. You don't like it, wait, it's either 5 years or maximum 10 years and then that person becomes her worst enemy and will be accused of the greatest crimes. What I know about her and how I feel about her is not something that can be discussed in this short message. Only I must say that she has ruined it for us. I used to enjoy at least her songs. But not anymore. She has over done it. Since July 29. 2000, she has repeated herself so many times that is not worth listening anymore. I am tired of Googoosh and all the B.S. that she has given to Iranians through the years in spite of all the respect, hospitality and Love they have shown her(refer to tremendous money that they have spent on her concerts). She must look into her soul and wake up. She must take a book and read. She must practice to become a good person. For once, she must be truthful to people, may be take some speech lessons, may be she can talk without making everyone crazy and stop all this false advertising about herself, her musician friends and her true nature. May be then she will be a woman, a mother, a singer and a Friend!


شهره جان تورو

Nina Samii (not verified)

شهره جان تورو خدا يه فكري براي اين وضعيت خودت بكن رفتارت خيلي غير عادي بود ولي گوگوش با خانمي و متانت هميشه برخورد كرده ديدي كع در جواب تمام توهين هاي شهره آغداشلو چقدر سكوت كرد و عاقبت هم گفت آغداشلو هنرپيشه بسيار خوبي است. اينه فرق يك افسانه با هنرمند معمولي بازم بگو بيخودي افسانه شده


this whole thing is a scam

by Anonymous nonfan (not verified) on

this whole supposed spat between these two started a long long time ago in Iran and launched ms Shohrehs career...too bad she is still trying to milk it, otherwise why not name other artists that didnt appear at protests or just talk generally wihtout naming names, why just this particular one? .. i am not a fan of either and dont contribute to this scam by perpetuating it and discussing it to death...and neither should you all


A bad case of Cocaine usage low; would you get some help please,

by Doctor-Aampoli (not verified) on

Cocaine and the Brain:
The Neurobiology of Addiction
Christine Farrenkopf
In the eyes of the public, the word addict stirs up a negative image: a person of low moral character who willfully chooses to engage in questionable behavior. This image is perpetuated in the media; on a recent episode of E.R., the chief surgeon criticizes another doctor for allowing a heroin addict (who has been treated for an abscess) to exchange a dirty needle, explaining "we donât want these low-lives hanging around the hospital." The social stigma attached to addicts reflects the great gap that exists between scientific knowledge and public perception of addiction. Just as mental illness was viewed as a social problem instead of a medical issue until the last several decades, drug addiction continues to be seen as a character flaw instead of as the biological problem that it is.
As defined by the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is a "chronically relapsing disorder that is characterized by three major elements: (a) compulsion to seek and take the drug, (b) loss of control in limiting intake, and (c) emergence of a negative emotional state when access to the drug is prevented" (1). This disorder results from the repeated use of a drug over a prolonged period of time, causing physical changes in the brain.

Perhaps the most addictive of drugs is cocaine. Cocaine acts on the mesoaccumbens dopamine (DA) pathway of the midbrain, extending from the ventral tegumental area (VTA) to the nucleus accumbens (NAc). (2). This pathway is also known as the reward pathway as it is the area of the brain that is activated when someone has a pleasurable experience such as eating, sex, or receiving praise. (NOTE: The reward pathway was discovered through the technique of intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS) (3, p.53). An electrode was implanted in different areas of the brains of rats and was activated when the rats voluntarily pressed a lever. Stimulation in most sites in the brain was not reinforcing (ie, the rats did not regularly activate the electrode), but one site in particular was reinforcing: the reward pathway. Because of the positive effects felt when this pathway is stimulated, such behavior is reinforced.

In the DA pathway of a normal person, a transmitting neuron releases dopamine (a neurotransmitter), which then binds to dopamine receptors on the receiving neuron; an action potential is then propagated in the receiving neuron. (4). After this has occurred, the dopamine reuptake transporters (DATs) of the transmitting cell pump the dopamine back into the cell to be used again.

Cocaine binds to the dopamine reuptake transporters, thus blocking them from functioning. (See web reference (5). for an animation of this process.) As a result, dopamine levels increase in the synapse, and consequently, the receiving neuron is continuously stimulated. This constant firing of the neurons leads to a feeling of euphoria. In addicts, cocaine blocks between 60 and 77 percent of the DAT binding sites; in order to attain a "high," at least 47 percent of the binding sites must be blocked by cocaine. (6).

Cocaine also acts on the reuptake transporters of serotonin and norepinephrine, and therefore, the levels of these neurotransmitters are also increased. (2). Serotonin plays a role similar to dopamine in the DA pathway. Norepinephrine stimulates the "fight or flight" response of the sympathetic nervous system characterized by heightened heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and body temperature as well as dilation of pupils and sweating; these phenomena produce an energizing feeling (7). p.103.

At a certain point, cocaine usage ceases to be a voluntary action: this is the onset of addiction. The positive reinforcement of the sensation of euphoria eventually alters the brain so that the use of cocaine is obligatory. Animal models have been used to demonstrate such positive reinforcement (8) p.1262-4. Lab rats were fitted with long-term intravenous catheters and were taught how to self-administer doses of cocaine by pressing a lever. The fact that the rats continued to self-administer cocaine demonstrates the desire of the rats to be under the influence of the drug. In addition, there is a correlation between the level of the dose of cocaine and the number of infusions a rat would give itself: the lower the dosage, the smaller the gap in-between self-administrations. This indicates that the rat is aware of the level of cocaine in its system and its desire to maintain that level through subsequent injections of the drug. These experiments demonstrate the "compulsion to seek and take the drug" aspect of the definition of addiction.

Another factor in the reinforcement of cocaine use lies in the fact that after cocaine administration, dopamine levels fall significantly below normal, pre-consumption levels (8) p.1272. The user therefore feels a "low," and the immediate response to alleviate this low is to take another hit of cocaine to again raise the level. Such behavior is referred to as a "binge," when a user continuously takes hits of cocaine to recover from ensuing lows (3) p.158. This demonstrates the "loss of control in limiting intake" aspect of the definition of addiction.

Recent research has shown that reinforcement is also linked to cocaineâs ability to act on genetic material: it activates the gene that codes for the protein delta-FosB (whose levels are elevated in addicts) (9). This protein in turn activates the gene that produces a component of glutamate receptors (GluR2), which binds the neurotransmitter glutamate. An increase in GluR2 production has been shown to increase sensitivity to cocaineâs rewarding effects.

Over a long period of usage, the brain responds to the above-normal levels of dopamine that are present during a hit. The main manifestation is a reduction in the number of dopamine receptors on the dendrites of neurons (10).; if there are fewer receptors, then there will be less stimulation of the nerves in the DA pathway. This demonstrates how the brain of an addict is physically different from that of a normal person.

Due to this physical change in the brain, an addict will respond differently to a particular dosage of cocaine. Tolerance develops in many addicts, wherein a larger dosage is needed to attain the same high that a user initially experienced (11, p.38). Sensitization may develop instead, wherein a user becomes more responsive to cocaine without increasing the dose (12). The biological mechanisms behind these two phenomena are not completely understood. There is evidence that whether tolerance or sensitization develops depends at least in part on the manner in which cocaine is delivered to the body: if cocaine is taken in spaced out intervals, sensitization results; if cocaine is taken continuously through an IV or through closely spaced injections, tolerance results (13). (14).

Because of the altered physiological state of the brain, events that previously caused stimulation of the DA pathway (pleasurable experiences other than cocaine use) no longer do; only cocaine can induce the feeling of happiness. When an addict ceases taking cocaine, he has no source of stimulation of the DA pathway and therefore experiences severe depression, irritability, and anxiety (symptoms that are opposite of the effects of the drug) (8) p.1271. (This is the "emergence of a negative emotional state when access to the drug is prevented" aspect of the definition of addiction.) Other factors also contribute to the negative behavior associated with withdrawal. For example, tests in lab animals have shown that levels of coricotropin releasing factor (CRF), which induces stress, rise while in withdrawal (8) p.1273.

With repeated drug use comes a phenomenon known as place conditioning, wherein particular places and cues become associated with cocaine use (15). Experiments using lab rats support such a conclusion (8) p.1267. Two distinct neutral environments are set up, one of which is paired with cocaine and the other with a placebo. When the rats are allowed to freely roam between the two environments after experiencing both the cocaine and placebo, we find that they choose to spend more time in the environment where they were given cocaine. This demonstrates that the drug comes to be associated with a certain place.

The road to recovery from cocaine addiction is a long one, particularly because a patient must struggle to overcome the odds of relapse: approximately half of recovering patients succumb to relapse within a year of detoxification (16).

The negative emotional state that results from cocaine withdrawal often causes patients to begin using the drug again. The challenge is to withstand the urge to use the drug during the time when the body "resets" the DA pathway (ie, more dopamine receptors will be activated due to the low levels of synaptic dopamine, which in turn will allow activities other than cocaine use to stimulate the reward pathway). Studies have shown that numbers of dopamine receptors will never return to pre-cocaine use levels.

Because addicts grow to associate certain places and cues with cocaine use, exposure to such stimuli may cause a relapse once an addict has "quit" (17). If reminded of an event linked with cocaine use (such as passing by a place where one formerly used the drug or watching people smoke crack), a recovering addict will very likely feel a strong craving (10). Such a reaction to these memory-based stimuli raises the question of how long memories are able to induce a response. Recent research has shown relapses in lab rats even after four months of abstinence (17).

There is no well-established treatment plan for cocaine addiction, but the most effective measures are to combine a medicine with drug counseling. Drugs such as vigabatrin are being developed that seek to reduce the pleasure of a cocaine hit (this drug stops cocaine from increasing dopamine levels in the DA pathway and prevents subjects from developing place/cue associations in baboons) (18). Anti-depressants are often prescribed to alleviate the negative behavior of withdrawal. New research is concentrating on neutralizing cocaine in the bloodstream so that it is unable to affect the DA pathway (18). While medications are an important part of the recovery process, counseling also plays a seminal role as the patient must learn to resist the urge to use cocaine. Group and individual therapy sessions aid patients in coming to terms with their problem and building up self-confidence (19). Cocaine-specific skills training (CST) teaches patients to identify the places and cues that cause them to feel cravings; they then seek to avoid or adjust their reactions to such stimuli (20).

Viewing cocaine addiction as a chronically relapsing disease of the brain is a new concept for much of the public. Such scientific evidence forces people to re-evaluate their views of addicts (in particular the stereotypes associated with them) as it demonstrates that an addict must be recognized as someone with an altered brain state, just as someone with a mental illness or Alzheimerâs (15). Addicts cannot be cured through incarceration; instead, the process of recovery requires both counseling and medication. In fact, the lasting biological effects of cocaine addiction are so far-reaching that rehabilitators often comment that there is no way to "cure" someone of cocaine addiction - - one can only learn how to live with it.

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18) Seeking Ways to Crack Cocaine Addiction , Article discusses medications being developed to help overcome cocaine addiction

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20) Coping Skills Help Patients Recognize and Resist the Urge to Use Cocaine , Information on therapy for cue-induced relapse


Shoreh and Googgoo

by Silvia (not verified) on

من نميدونم چه حكمتيه كه خانوم شهره دوست داره همه همون كاري كه اون فكر ميكنه درسته انجام بدن . چرا آدما نميتونن آزاد باشن اونجوري كه خودشون دوست دارن

به قول خودشون ايشون ميشنن توي خونه گريه ميكنن يا ميرن توي خيابوناي امريكا داد ميزنن . گوگوش همه يه ترانه ميخونه كه 200 هزارتا ايراني تا حالا توي يوتويوب نگاه كردند و انرژي گرفتن . هر كي روش خودشو داره . اينجا كه ديگه خامنه اي يا احمدي نژاد نداريم براي همه تصميم بگيرن

حالا خوبه خانوم شهره از دست اندي دلخور نشده كه با بون جاوي خونده و ايشون رو با خودش نبرده


خیلی زشت و

nikn (not verified)

خیلی زشت و زننده بود البته گوگوش عزیز هیچ وقت کلاس خودشو پایین نمی آره که جواب امثال این خانم رو بده ولی محض اطلاعات ایشون باید بگم خانم گوگوش در عرض 8 سال گذشته بیش از 12 آهنگ آزادیخواهانه اجرا کرده که خیلی هم بدل نشسته ولی شهره فقط آتیش آتیش و ناناز بلا خونده. لطفا یکی فقط یکی از ترانه هایی که برای وطنش خونده رو برامون بگه. حالا یه ساعت رفته تو خیابون واستاده کشت همه رو با این تظاهرات کردنش. مگه نوبرشو آوردی خانم که برای همه خط و نشون می کشی. مردشور این تظاهرات رفتنت رو ببره


if Farrokhzad still was

by aliali (not verified) on

if Farrokhzad still was alive , he should chop EBI first because he was not willing to sing " persian gulf song " , and from there , we go after all those singers who just think about their pockets , not the own people. people are getting killed there and shame on you that being the ignorant

David ET

Iranians should pass the torch to Karoubi now

by David ET on

Today Mehdi Karoubi with his historical statement took the deserved leadership role of the people's movement and it is now up to the people and the coalition to stand behind him.

I started writing a long article about this and near the end I lost it all and I will attempt at another one but due to the importance of this historical statement, I see the need to at least for now state that the people and coalition should openly show their support of Karoubi's stated positions and assign him the leadership role that he has gained by his actions and active presence in the past few weeks .

I sure hope to very soon hear new slogans of : Karoubi Hedayat, Irani Hemayat

(Karoubi leadership, Iranians support)

I know this comment may lack insufficient backing but I will state my reasons in much detail soon. His presence at Ghobad Mosque few days ago and his humble, couragous and detailed statement today should be the taken as turning signal that I hope Iranians would act upon. 

Karoubi's statement:



by HH (not verified) on



There are Americans who are

by Shes Right (not verified) on

There are Americans who are making songs for the Iranian public, and our own entertainer Googoosh can't show up and support?


Persian Artists

by Amin R (not verified) on

So Don't be expecting any artists to do anything.
Just think of Farrokhzad, who was the only one openly criticizing the government. What happened? He got chopped into pieces!

Don't expect any of these artist to do anything because they won't. They care about themselves much much more than anything else.


خانم شهره حال

آزاده (not verified)

خانم شهره حال شما اصلاً خوب نیست. مراقب خودتان باشید. شما بیشتر از آنکه از حرکت مردم ایران حرف بزنید از رفتار خانم گوگوش صحبت می کنید. نظر شما مغرضانه است و انگار دلخوری شما از خانم گوگوش تاریخچه ای قدیمی دارد


Shohreh is right

by Anonymous-kaveh (not verified) on

The problem with you Googoosh's fans is that you guys don't know her. She is not that great as you think. There are people who know Googoosh very well and one of them is Shohreh. She(Googoosh) has a nasty personality and she changes with the wind and also does everything for money!!!!.



by Benyamin on

Your english is great and I appreciate your comment.

I do think like someone here that no one should "assume" herself ot himself that he or she is above the law or others.

She should come with others and she definately can lead them all. I do agree with you about everyone in any level should participate. Such as musicians, singers, actors/actoresses and whiters poets and so on.

She was emotionally charged some people are like that. I respect her as I respect Googoosh.




by JustMe (not verified) on

Couldn't agree with you more, I bet you that she is upset because she couldn't sing a song to touch everyone's heart whereas Googoosh did....Shohreh you never was anything but a copycat...get a life


Shohreh is a wonderful

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

Shohreh is a wonderful artist, She is deeply sad over the situation in IRAN and I can not blame her for what she is saying. Emotions are running high and she is clearly upset just like many of us. This is the time that all of us need to come toghether.She has a point and I understand her very well. We are all very frustrated with the whole thing and she needed to say things and lets just let it go. She is a great lady and Googoosh should not be upset with her either. We need to come together for the love of our homeland, IRAN.

Payandeh Iran


Open your eyes

by Arman202 (not verified) on

I am not a fan of shohreh or googoosh,
But i do agree with all that shohreh is saying.
I do not understand why people are bringing
their musical careers into this. Shohreh is speaking
the words that many of us iranians are trying to spread among us. It is us against the government. None of us
is better than others, all of us must be out there in the streets doing all we can to spread the message. Googoosh is no better than anyone else. Why do we have to be out in the streets shouting, losing our voice, or our relatives be in the streets of iran getting beaten and tortured, while some sit in a comfy studio behind a mic? Why doesnt she come to the protests in the streets and speak on the mic there? Come on guys, open your eyes, we all have to do all we can, its not about ones past or achievements.

Freedom for Iran!


طنزهاي انتخابات و بعد انتخابات

Nemidanam (not verified)

كردان : ما كه تو امتحانهاي سخت آكسفورد تقلب نكرديم , چطور تو انتخابات خودمون مي تونيم اين كارو بكنيم

به گزارش واحد مركزي خبر، دفتر آيت الله خامنه اي اعلام كرد به منظور نظارت بر فعاليت كانالهاي ماهواره اي، انتشار اوامر و تبيين انديشه هاي ايشان براي اهل فضا، معظم له، طي حكمي "خدا" را به عنوان نماينده خود در آسمانها منصوب كرد! اين گزارش همچنين حاكي است كه "خدا" در پيام تشكري خطاب به حضرت آيت الله خامنه اي از حسن نظر و اعتماد ايشان تشكر نموده و اظهار اميدواري نموده است كه در پيگيري اوامر، دعاي خير معظم له پشت سر خدا باشد

دستور ويژه احمدي نژاد به وزير علوم: در اسرع وقت رشته " مهندسي انتخابات " را در دانشگاهها ايجاد كنيد و از اساتيد مجربي همچون دكتر كردان استفاده كنيد !

دليل پشت پرده موافقت خامنه اي براي تمديد فرصت شوراي نگهبان

قبل از انتخابات شوراي نگهبان به احمدي نژاد گفت : ” الاغ جان ! هر غلطي ميخواي بكني ، بكن ! فقط 10 درصد صندوق ها رو دست نزن . اگه صداي اين ها در اومد همون ها رو دوباره بشمريم و تموم شه ماجرا ! “ محمود هم گفت به روي چشم . "كردان" رو مي كنم مسئول اينكار . خيالتون راحت ! حالا كه اوضاع بيخ پيدا كرده . هر چي شوراي نگهبان مي گرده به اندازه 2% درصد هم صندوق سالم پيدا نمي كنه !! واسه اينكه كردان درصد گرفتن بلد نيست !! واسه همين دست به دامن رهبر شدن تا توي اين 5 روز صندوق سازي كنن !!! صد بار گفتن محمود بيخيال اين عوضعلي شو ! نشد كه نشد

در كشوري فرضي انتخاباتي انجام شده و بعد از اعلام نتايج مشخص شده كه در يك شهرستان در 13 صندوق تعداد كل آراء هر صندوق 65 راي و در 9 صندوق تعداد كل آراء هر صندوق 211 راي است. كدام گزينه صحيح است:

1) از نظر علم رياضي احتمال وقوع اين رخداد تقريبا صفر است

2) در انتخابات اين يك امر كاملا طبيعي است و هر كس شك كند يا بي اطلاع است و يا مغرض

3) رد پاي دكتر كردان در توزيع آراء ديده مي شود

4) هر دو گزينه 1 و 3 صحيح هستند

سيل پيامهاي تبريك به رئيس جمهور منتخب جمهوري اسلامي (احمدي نژاد) همچنان ادامه دارد

به گزارش خبرگزاري اشي پابليش پرس ‫سيل پيامهاي تبريك به رئيس جمهورمنتخب ايران ازسوي مقامات مهم دراطراف جهان همچنان ادامه دارد.
‫اسامي مقاماتي كه امروزپيام تبريك فرستادند به شرح زير است :

‫زيزي چوتوكدخداي ده شاچي آباد پاكستان

‫‫ريشي كماررئيس باند جيب برهاي بكتياي هند

‫‫صادق فرزاي معاون دوم كدخداي ده شوران تپهء افغانستان

‫گروهبان دوم ارتش ببرهاي تاميل

‫رهبر فرقه ساساچي كوهستانهاي تبّت

‫شيخ ابو قراض ابن مفلس امام جمعه روستاي اصغريهءمصر

‫بايرام چوخ گوزل دلاك روستاي دوقوب يزيد تركيه

‫مِمِت آبي آمپول زن دهات غربي در ازمير

‫عصمت ياردانوف آب حوضي دهات مرزي جمهوري آذربايجان

اقدس نيازف خياط مشهور دهات اطراف باكو

‫اكبر شيشي كمار دلاك حمامي در روستاي جنوب دهلي نو


GET A LIFE Shohre. This was

by Naz (not verified) on

GET A LIFE Shohre. This was the most shameful words from her, I suggest that she pays more attention to her attitude even when she is out there for demonstration!! Googoosh can touch people's heart by her songs, she is not a show off like some artists! Nobody has the right to judge other's decision.



by I remember (not verified) on

After all these years of looking after herself and not giving a damn about Iran and Iranians, she suddenly became a caring revolutionary!!. The effects of age, bad plastic surgeries, questionable life style, alcohol and drug abuse for years is showing now. Shohreh, do us all a favor, sit home and don't taint the freedom movement.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley


by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I've come to the conclusion that emotions should be well-trained pets that go walkies by themselves.

Darius Kadivar

In Tribute to Shohreh's Talent, Patriotism and Loyalty ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Fortunately Not Everyone Has Alzheimers ... ;0)

Official Website of Shohreh:

Fereydoun Farokhzad introduces Shohreh Solati 


Fereidoon Farrokhzad ft. Shohreh Solati - Oomadi

Darius Kadivar

Shohreh's Comments reminds me of a personal experience ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Something I experienced a few years Ago as Head of PR & Press for an Event I tried to help promote in Budapest Hungary and in which few people including the participants believed would be possible and that was to Promote the Diaspora Arts. I was in charge of contacting the Awardees and get the endorsement of various Artists ( known or unknown ) in different disciplines :

This was also at a time when Iran was really making terrible headlines in the international press because of Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Conference and comments regarding the wiping of Israel.

It was probably the worst time to even mention proudly that one was Iranian.

But I accepted the Job mainly because I was convinced that the Artist are the best Ambassadors of our culture and such an event could present to the world who we really are and stand for that is a rich and ancient culture with humanistic and universal roots.   

I was very much impressed by the kindness and availabilty of all those who endorsed this project initiated by two Iranian scholars in Budapest Hungary:

We even managed to have medias like the BBC Persian, VOA Persian,,,, to set their professional differences apart and rivalries aside to join and celebrate their mutual achievements.

But the Hardest for me who was in charge of contacting people like Shohreh Aghdashloo, Omid Djalili ( who was by Far the nicest and most helpful in accepting the award and our conditions limited by budget and logistics ), Robert Hossein, Sattar, Vanessa Redgrave and many others ( I forgot their names ) was to try and handle the ego's of either the Stars themselves or that of their Agents but also the organizers themselves ...

We were hoping to have Googoosh on board but we could not find her Agent's contacts so we decided to drop the idea. Also because we were not sure if Shohreh Aghdashloo would like to see Googoosh at the event after she had strongly criticized Googoosh on the same grounds as Shohreh Here.

But the Event took place perfectly and against All Odds.  

I have to admit I learned a great deal about Public Relations and I would love to have a similar opportunity to do something similar in regard to lets say a FREEDOM CONCERT.

I think I even suggested the idea for the SCE campaign where Famous Artists could join Nazanin Afshin Jam on Stage for a Benefit Concert.

Maybe this could be possible now that Shohreh expressed it so eloquently and sincerely.

I think we could even discuss on how best use the money collected for such an event to best promote the cause of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran but beyond our political differences.

If Anyone is interested I can start a blog on this suggestion and see how we could do this so that it benefits first and foremost the people of Iran and not any political group or organization.

The Concert for instance could be a good pretext to start and looking for a better way of using such an event as a platform for promoting the cause of Human Rights in Iran.

Look forward to your suggestions ...