To the people of Iran

06/14/2009 - 06:52

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The loosers (Iran & Iranians)

by firoz (not verified) on

For recalling the crisis: (i) Ahmedinajad: gave a reference to the people about the richest person in Iran and his fmaily, with all other wealthy persons. (ii) The guy wrote a letter to the strongest personality too calm down this puppet other wish the smoke will be burning the eyes of the poor nation. (iii) the strong guy replied after the elections (iv) the election in favor of puppet (v) Now the Rich guy have to show on his trial on the TV the money came from (vi) the other Idots (dolls) in the hands of these personalities not realizing the trut just waisting time and lives of innocent people.

a) the power is transfered to this (doll) is he wins the re-election?
b) he will be reducing the bread and rice to Rial 20 a bread or Rials 50 a kg Rice?
c) the Students will be geeting free education or scholarships or 80% discount in Fees?
d) the rents of apartments & house?
e) the cost of apartmetns & house will come down immediately?
f) the billing charges, taxes and what not will be dropped?

My dear Iranians and by beloved brothers & sister please think of good and act in a wise way and see what can be done in a proper manner.


to: Prem

by missing the point (not verified) on

You're missing the whole point. He did NOT win the people's verdict. Therefore your proposition is moot. There is nothing to respect. There is NO endorsement. He has translated nothing but hate and disrespect throughout the world. The WORLD does not and will never listen to him. Therefore, Iran loses, AGAIN. HOw shameful to use the word peace in the same subject as him.


Disturbing Video

by فرامرز (not verified) on

It is getting ugly in Tehran


It is getting ugly in Tehran

by Faramarz on


so true

by capt_ayhab on

Such an Ahmaghinejad !



Anonymous500, you'r so slow

by Areyo Barzan (not verified) on

Dear Anonymous500

Please note that Ahmadi is giving this gesture (bilakh) to Iranian people not on their behalf





Is Ahmadi nejad in a position to give Bilakh?

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

To Farmarz:

What you are presenting here as a cartoon is quite offensive because it implies that Ahmadi Nejad is in a position to give a Bilakh on behalf of the Iranian People; he is not in such a position to do so, and in fact it is the Iranian People who are giving him and his scum-bag supporters a big BILAKH. The Iranian people have rejected this regime and this dumb idiotic character, Ahmadi Nejad, and hopefully will throw this garbage, the IRI, to the dust bin of history soon.


PremNizarHameed and Antar Agha Antarinejad


Hameed it seems like you and your president love to use the word respect a lot.


So let me throw somethings  that you and your Abntar should do to respect us:

1. Count the votes properly without cheating and corruption

2. Respect the rules of law and the peope

3. repsect rthnic minoritie 

4. respect religiuos minorities

5. respect women (that is like your Mom, sister, aunt and any women)

6. respect Iran and iranian people 


Dear Prem Nizar Hameed

by Areyo Barzan (not verified) on

It is no good to use drugs, especially ones as strong as what you’re on

So please excuse us if we do not see the world from your angle

(i.e. head between the legs) :-)

Maryam Hojjat

Great! IranyvaliAzad

by Maryam Hojjat on

I agree with you 100%.

I posted a blog and asked not to vote.  Iranians need to learn from experience.  All these people are member of IRI mafia.  NOW, You Iranians try to get yourself rid of this mafia.



Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

That was a Good One !



This Pupet is not President!

by Humanity (not verified) on

Islamic Fascism, rather than Islamic Republic.

Kourosh Aryamanesh

What verdict?

by Kourosh Aryamanesh on

بابا جون يک چيزی بخور تبت ببره. خيلی هذيون گفتی. اين مهملات رو فی البداهه سرهم کردی يا نشستی راجع بهش فکر کردی؟ کدوم صلح جهانی؟ اونم از ترشحات مغز عقب افتاده ای مثل احمدی. شماها اول سرتونو از تو فاضلاب بيارين بيرون بعد صلح جهانی طلبتون.کدوم دموکراسی ؟  توی جامعۀ ای که موی سر زن يا پر و پاشون باعث بشه که حالی به حالی بشين عوض اينکه خودتونو درست کننين ، اونها رو کردين تو گونی.همچين حرف ميزنی که حال و اوضاع اخلاقيات جامعۀ آخوند زده به حد اعلا رسيده و حالا تحت تششعات نوری که دنبال احمدی هست ، به صلح جهانی ميرسين.

 پيشنهاد بنده به شما اينه که فعلأ با اون کف دستان بند تنبان خود را سفت کرده و آن پرنده صلح را هم لوله کرده شياف بفرماييد به ارزشهای اخلاقيتان که نماينده آنان نوابغی چون خمينی و خامنه ای و احمدی هستند.    



by Anonymous414 (not verified) on

Time to organize for the utter destruction of this regime.


Why are you surprised? That's what the Velayateh faqih is for!!!

by gol-dust on

His job is to overturn the results if he doesn't like it! That's waht the real problem is with this ssytem. You thought, it is a democratic system, after all these years? If it were, we wouldn't have a problem.

The only way fo your voice to count is to change the system of IRI!


Iranian election

by A Persian (not verified) on

So, whether we vote or not the person of interest will be elected (sorry, selected). There is only one option left: rise against the ruling regime.


Death to the Islamic Republic

by Joe Biden (not verified) on

in its entirety.


Dear Friends Ahamdinjad is

by Bachehthroon (not verified) on

Dear Friends

Ahamdinjad is not elected, he is assinged by a dictator to be a butter boy for him. This was not a free election, yet our people's partictipation in this election must be respected, and the people in the streets need all the supports that we can provide. We can use the differences between different Mafia groups inside the regime for our advantage. At least the Hashemi-Rfsanjani Klan and very small part of thier criminal activities were exposed and that is a big victory for Iranian nation. Karoubi failed to answer a lot of good questions about his wealth and criminal activities, although the person who was asking the questions was part of another Mafia group in Iran. Mousavi evaded a lot of questions when he was asked by student's groups, "what was his connections to political killings of the opposition groups when he was a prim minister".
It is unfortunate that all the times we owe something to our oppressors, and all the dictators who suppressed us. Reza Shah destoyed democracy in Iran, and he became the richest man in the Asia, yet we should miss him because "he built Veresk bridge and brought Amniyat (security)to our country", and never mind how he treated his opponnents and how btutal and ruthless he was. Everyday our monarchist thugs remind us and we are all Namak-nashnass. His son was another dictator that we all need miss him as our SaltantTalb Aryanites always remind all of us all the times. Never mind that how oppressive his regime was, and we should not talk about the fact that he overnight created a political party for us and he could not even stand the (Baleh Ghorban Parties) like Hezbeh IranehNoween and Hezbeh Mardom. We owe this dictator because (thanks to Arabs oil embargo)he could sell alot of oil and sepnd it on the country. Now because of Ahmadinejad we are supposed to Miss Khomeini, Rajaee and Khatami. And in few years we will all owe another dicator like Khamaneie. As you can see we are wrong all the times except the dictators who skrewed us and still they are screwing us. Always among Iranian Assholites there is somebody who believes in greatness of one dictaor over the others. And no matter what dictaors and their supporters are always "Talabkar", and we are all "NamakNashnass". In the eyes of Iranian "Assholism" and Iranian "Assholites" we do not deserve democracy and always we should wait. Well let me tell you all the Iranian dictator appologizers: We owe nobody, whether he is Reza Shah, Mohamad Reza Shah, Khomeini, Khamaneie. We have one shot at this life and all these motherfuckers they owe us, because we have been too good to them. Nobody has the right to take away our basic human rights. Ahamdinajad is not my enemy but all ther dictators of the past and present of Iran are. He is nobody and in my view he is not even worth talking about.

Bilakh to all dictators: Reza Shah and his son, Khomeini, and Khamanei
Bilakh to all Iranians who believe in this or that dictator

Bacheteroon, Very angry



by Iranyvaliazad on

I imagine a world free of islam ... that is the true Behesht.


Anyhow, respect to people's verdict ... shove it up your &^%$# ... vaghean keh in akhunda por-ro hastand.

Prem Nizar Hameed

Respect people's verdict

by Prem Nizar Hameed on

Despite the political situations in Iran, Ahmedinejad has won means it is an endorsement of people’s verdict. His firm stand for the development of the villagers and the middle class helped him swim to victory. So we must respect the verdict. But we expect more freedom to Iran’s people and a good relation with Iran’s neighbours and friends and also reconciliation with its foes for the sake of Iran’s development, and peace and tranquility in the region. Ideological confrontation in healthy way is welcome in democratic set up. Ahmedinejad is known to be a simple man in his personal life. So he can translate those qualities of simplicity and humility in his official and foreign affairs in order to win the world. When he tends to listen to the world with equanimity, the world will also listen to his every wise word. The main agenda in the world must be to remove the word WAR from all the lexicons. We expect him to be part of that campaign sincerely. Just imagine how beautiful a world with full of peace will be! For that, a peace dove spreads its wings from my hands.