No hot dog for you!


Washington Post: So much for "hot-dog diplomacy." The White House announced today that it had withdrawn invitations to Iranian diplomats to attend Fourth of July festivities at U.S. embassies around the world. The United States and Iran have not had diplomatic relations for nearly three decades, but Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton authorized the invitations as a way of reaching out to the Islamic Republic. But U.S. officials said no Iranian diplomats thus far had responded to the invitations >>>

06/24/2009 - 19:43

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anonymous fish

curly and golbaang

by anonymous fish on

Well, I'm certainly not going to call you khamenei supports!  But.  I still don't understand what you expect Obama to do.  The US has caught shit from most of and the world for our "western thug imperialism" because we meddle in everyone's affairs.  This is a civilian protest in Iran and Obama has expressed his outrage.  That's really all he can do right now.  And while I'm sure you are concerned for your hamvatans and want something to be done by SOMEONE... Americans aren't real excited about another Iraq or Afganistan either.  We don't want or need another war on our hands either.  I fully support your hamvatans and I've stood with my husband at protests and raised my voice.  But until... and not until then... a formal request from the leaders of the revolution for help comes, the US should keep out of this.  I hope it doesn't sound heartless but it's not as easy as you'd like it to be.


Non-kosher Hot Dogs

by Mehrdad300 (not verified) on

With what the world witnessed in the last 2 weeks in Iran, almost everyone - well, except Hamas and Chavez - views the ruling mullahs as bunch of shrewd bandits who have resorted to a gamut of machinations to stay in power, including torture and mass executions in the 80s to sponsoring terrorism abroad and now to rigging elections. So, why shouldn't the world blow an under-belt blow to these guys in a non-military fashion? Here is how: The US should still invite them to the 4th of July hot dog party, but instead serve them with the pork without telling them. Just feed it to the bastards and let them know what they ate only at the end. See how they run to the nearest outhouse for their lives...


are you guys pro-khamenei??

by giggly-giggly-goo (not verified) on

both curly and golbaang must be are pro-khamenei because the only effect of Obama using "strong language" would be a quick set of acuasations by Khamenei that he was somehow behind these demonstrations and he has proved it by opening his mouth. I think what President Obama did (and didn't do) was extremely detrimental to khamaenei and his propagandists in Tehran.

Seriously, what do you guys expect to happen if Obama uses "strong language"??



by Golbaang on

I regret voting for him too!



by Majid on

Now IR diplomats have to chew on Mahmood's or Seid Ali's hot dog!



Too little too late for obama to show support

by curly on

I am so mad at him for not sending stronger messages to IRI for all the violence against peaceful demonstrators.I guess he was waiting for a reply from khamenei!!!!!he sold our youth to wolves!!!! I want my vote back too!