Majid "Nastaran" Kolestani

Transgender Iranian refugee pleads guilty to first degree murder

Magicvalley.com: Majid Kolestani (Golestani?) fought to wear women's clothes during a murder trial, but in the end, won't dress for it at all.

The 42-year-old transgender Iranian refugee who identifies as a woman pleaded guilty on Monday in Twin Falls 5th District Court (Idaho, USA) to first-degree murder in a plea agreement that will likely send Kolestani to prison for 18 years to life.

Through a Farsi-speaking translator, Kolestani, 42, who also uses the first name Nastaran, requested identification as a woman from the court. Kolestani recently won permission from the court in May to dress in women's attire at a trial originally scheduled for later this month.

Kolestani shared few details Monday on the method or motivation behind the Aug. 25, 2008, murder of former housemate and fellow Iranian refugee Ehsan Velayati Kababian.

"I murdered Ehsan by shooting him," Kolestani told the court. "In order to gain knowledge about the rest of the charges you can read the indictment."

The murder was motivated by jealousy over another woman who Kababian was romancing in Iran, a mutual friend of the Iranian refugees told the Times-News.

A neighbor told authorities in court records that he saw a tall, blonde woman approach a parked car, shoot the driver in the head, and then run away as the vehicle careened into a house along Fifth Avenue East in Twin Falls.

Law enforcement authorities first identified the killer as a woman in the murder case.

Hormones taken "because of the sex change" do not affect judgment or the ability to enter a plea, Kolestani told the court Monday.

"I decided on my own," Kolestani told the court about the decision to plead guilty.

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors will drop a weapons enhancement, officials said Monday.

Judge Randy Stoker will abide by the sentencing recommendations in the plea agreement, he said Monday.

A sentencing hearing is set for July 10.



now that all has been said

by Anonymoses on

as for her hair dye job...



by capt_ayhab on

This is a sad story of love and jealousy, has nothing to do whether Nastaran was transsexual or not.

Well come to new age, as one pointed out, it is just law of big number. US is the favorite destination for Iranian emigrants, as the population grows, one can easily expect to see incidents like this or the pedophile guy.

One thing though, generally speaking, by all accounts Iranian Americans are among the most law abiding sub cultures in US and even Canada and Europe.

Cases like these are not and should not be considered as a shameful event for Iranian Americans as a whole. It is just natural law of large numbers.

For every incident like this, Iranians have contributed 1000's and 1000's of small businesses, corp. executives, medical doctors, engineers, university professors, law professionals and etc etc etc. Begoule maroof, ina be on dar.




P/S to some, Darius was referring to a different incident involving an Iranian American and his alleged attempt to have sex with an under aged girl. Read guys before you label people.


I am confused!!!

by ??? (not verified) on

"The murder was motivated by jealousy over another woman who Kababian was romancing in Iran, a mutual friend of the Iranian refugees told the Times-News."

I wonder if the other woman in Iran was born as a woman!!!

The murdered guy was bisexual or what?!


Dear DK and Hamsadeh Ghadimi

by Souri on

In this matter, I'm all with you. I think it is a shame to put murderers and pedophile in the same rank as great accomplished Iranians like great surgeons and historians or physicians....etc and name them "Iranian of the Day" ??

I really don't understand this choice!

Darius Kadivar

Can You Guys/Gals READ ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

What are you outraged about my comments for ?. Where did you read me write Gays were Pedophiles ? Or that Transexuals were necessarily Murderors.

It just happens that this Guy is both a Transexual and a Murderor.

And personally I prefer to see a Role model be named Iranian of the Day ( be it an IRanian or Not, since as you know it is about anyone whose life, interest or activities is associated to Iran/Persia and that doesn't require you to be an Iranian) When I surf this page. If you prefer seeing criminals represent your community that is your choice. That does not even mean I consider that such people should not be brought to our attention.

And if you ask my opinion about Transexuality, well being the son of a Urologist surgeon with some experience and knowledge in this field , I can say that Transexuality is NOT Normal for that matter ?

Normality is associated to Wide spread behaviour or condition. It has nothing to do with the right of any individual to be different and live differently.

Where did you read I was condemning his condition as a human being ?

So No Transexuality is not in my opinion a Normal Behavior ( which does not mean that it is a BAD behaviour or morally condemnable) for it requires an operation ( and not a natural physical evolution) that is human intervention which did not exist in ancient times.

Same could be said about Abortion, or contraception but does that mean that I condemn them or believe that they should not be practiced ? NO ! 

Now if you guys or gals feel Oppressed by my reaction, I am sorry to have offended you for stating a Fact !




by sam jade on

I think there is nothing funny about this tragedy ,one person lost his life and the other life will be wasted too.,so sad.

I think 2B2 is somehow right are we in lack of good people ??to call those morons "person of day"  whom do not even qualify for person of night , there is nothing in this story but darkness,

on the other hand this is reality of some kind of Iranian life style , I am not sure informing others is good or just ignoring those news for this site is better option!!!,..

at the end it is a sad tragedy...

wish we see more Iranian with great works .........make us more proud ...I used to see so many great Iranian in this page as Iranian of day , this one ???not so sure what to think,...

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i believe mr kadivar was referring to a past "iranian of the day" choice (may 28, a pedophile iranian).  the iranian of the day choice started with accomplished iranians and now it's turned into "iranian criminal of the day" or "iranian or almost-iranian hot babe of the day."



by pari (not verified) on

dear mr kadivar
a transsexual is not a pervert as you have specified ,unless you believe all gays are pedophiles ?


you guys are sad

by sheyda (not verified) on

the only thing that freaked me out about this incident was how immature some of you guys are .
wake up people ,we have gays ,lesbians and trans people ,stop acting like you are better then others ,you sit there and criticize the iranian government for their radical views but have you ever stopped and realized that you are just like them ? your exterior is only a cover .
SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT ,in gods eyes we are all equal



by PARI (not verified) on


Darius Kadivar

Some Curious Iranians of the Day these days ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

First it was a Pedophilia, Now a Transexual Murderor what should be expect tomorrow ?

Gee We sure have caught up with the 21st century ...




More a tragedy than a crime...

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

Obviously killing someone is a big crime and she should go to jail. But somehow I feel that she is really depressed to not defend herself a bit better. Take into account that she doesnt speak English and was transgender in Idaho. She probably felt trapped by this Ehsan guy. So there should be some more to this story than just someone killing someone. Pitty...she looks interesting.

As for the person who wrote about the first wave of iranians coming to the US as being the cream of the crop, maybe they were more like people with old money or rich "because of their parents" people or even plain thieves and the friends of Shah. Not everyone offcourse, but a good section of them.



by trans (not verified) on

I am not defending this woman for killng another person. What really bothers me is the stupid and ignorant comments here, which say a lot about transphobia of their authors. The news is about a woman killing another person, people. Her gender/sexuality is irrelevant. But why is every comment about her sexuality and gender and not about the crime? And if it were a straigth woman who had killed another woman because of jealousy, would you have made connections between her mental condition and her sexuality? Surely no one would say something like, "that biatch killed the other woman cuz she is straight and all straight folks are crazy like that!" And how would prison be "an all you can eat buffet" to anyone? If she is thrown into a women's cell, she will have to face transphobia by her inmates. If the judge is ignorant enough to send her to a men's prison, then she is in even worse condition. And she is not necessarily gay, by the way. She is a transgender woman. And not all transgender women (or FTM men) are murderers, crazy, or whores.


I see a big difference

by t (not verified) on

I see a big difference between the Iranians who migrated to the US (and outside of Iran in general) 30 years ago and today. The first wave of Iranian immigrants were the "cream of the crop" and so we saw such things within the Iranian community less. That is the generation that gave to us the successful and well accomplished Iranians we take pride of today.

Now the flood gates have opened and we see the lesser crowd making the migration for economic purposes. Just look at some of the last names such as "Kababian". This new wave have different values and morals than the old Iranians. The old and the new don't seems to connect on many levels. I don't think its just because of having been brought up in different places but rather the type of family one grew up in.



by BIKAR (not verified) on

no you are not in minority, you are part of realist minority , most Iranian that I know they think we do not have gays, whores, handicapped , people with mental disorder, and so on, because Iranian society hides these people and have no values, because they are trying to promote Islamic society as perfect not close to perfect but absolute. There are many crimes that happen in Muslim societies that go unreported.




ای بابا، مجید آقا شد نسترن آغا و هیچکی به ما نگفت. میگفتین برای ختنه‌سرون یه شلوار کردی براش میستوندیم.


I may be in the minority,

by Assal B. (not verified) on

I may be in the minority, but it's refreshing to see some "dark" Iranians of the Day for a change. If I want to see cute kids and accomplished professionals, I'll look to my own family and friends. Thanks, Iranian.com, for showing me that Iranians are just as wacko as the rest of them (as if I didn't already know) ;)


She'll be in Heaven

by Nifky (not verified) on

She'll be in Heaven in prison with all the inmates, it'll be her version of an all you can eat buffet.


What the . . .

by 2B2 (not verified) on

What the hell. Is it shortage of good people?


Idaho Tragedy

by Anonایرانی (not verified) on

کلستانی کبابیان را کشت!