Iran 1 - UAE 0

Karimi keeps Iran's World Cup dream alive

TEHRAN (AFP) — Midfield star Ali Karimi scored the only goal as Iran defeated the United Arab Emirates 1-0 on Wednesday to keep their World Cup hopes alive. Iran remain in fourth place in Asian qualifying Group B with 10 points from seven matches, one behind North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Table-topping South Korea, with 15 points, have already made sure of their place in the finals in South Africa next year. The second automatic qualifying spot will be decided next Wednesday when Iran travel to South Korea while the Saudis welcome North Korea to Riyadh. "With this win we have got closer to the World Cup. I hope that with the knowledge I have of South Korea, we'll be able to celebrate our making it to the finals in Seoul next week," said Iran coach Afshin Qotbi. "I know many of their players. I have worked with them for many years. But they put on a good show against Saudi Arabia (in a 0-0 draw earlier Wednesday) despite already making it to the World Cup. "I am optimistic that we will reach the finals either directly or through play offs."


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Iranian team is weak

by Abarmard on

I do not see the Iranian team having any differential advantage. I would even think that if S. Korea puts their secondary in, their secondary might be much better than our team.

They seem confused, no plans, no guts, no speed, although there were some positive notes in that game.

I hope they win, but if the team doesn't change attitude, direction (also throwing better passes) they will be killed.


Dear "K.M.",

by MiNeum71 on


France won the WC 1998 playing a 4-3-2-1:

Thuram - Desailly - Blanc (Leboeuf) - Lizarazu
Karembeu - Deschamps - Petit
Djorkaeff - Zidane
Guivarc´h (Henry)



تیم ملی‌ هم لیلایش را پیدا خواهد کرد


اوهوی مردم، خیالتان جمع باشه، این کره خرها آدم نیستن. خودم هر روز از یکیشون سوواری میگیرم. خلاصه از من بشنفین که تیم ما صعود میکنه، اگر هم نکرد به خاطر این بود که صعود مارو کرد. این جوانمرد آقای کریمی‌ هم خوب چیزیه، خدا حفظش کنه. آقا مجید، حالا که لغتنامه درست میکنی‌، تو کتابت بنویس که لول به زبان لری می‌شه هر هر هر. ارادتمند.



by smhb on

I am with you on your sentiments. The attitide and mindset of Iranian players is inadequate and lacking.

The way modern soccer is played in europe and latin america and even in japan and south korea seems like distant dream never to be realized in our life times. 

There is no sense of urgency, no concept of speed of play, no shape, no conceptual understanding of tactics, closing down and applying pressure early on and etc...... They play deimi just the way they used to play 40 years ago they just get paid millions for being below average. 


علی آقا............




همچین فِرتی بی درد سر رفتن به جام جهانی که مزّه نداره داداش، اون کار کشورهای سوسوله !

باید پدر اعصاب هوادار ها رو درآورد تا حدّی که شب و نصف شب از خواب بپّرن و دست بدعا بشن و در طول بازی هم دونه دونه ناخنها شون رو بجوَن........اونو بهش میگن فوتبال!       لول ( مخفف اِل او اِل......یا قهقهه خنده به صدای بلند)


همین روز ها باید یک بلاگ بنویسم راجع به لغات لازم التّغییر در فرهنگ ایرانیان دات کام، مثل همین «لول» بجای «ها ها ها» و یا «پس» بجای « پی اِس ، پانوشت»


we lost

by Anonymouslie (not verified) on

Another World Cup another season of disappointments by the incapable coaches and less than incapable players.
No national pride, no energy, no organization, no drive.

By tying over and over again and losing to a team like Saudi, we put our faith in S. Korea's beating of KSA, which didn't happen.

If a team cannot beat N. Korea, they should pack up and leave. Iran didn't deserve to be in South Africa, and I'm actually glad they aren't going.
Couldn't bare the embarrassment of having a team score 6 or 8 goals against us.

This was a sucky team, with horrible management.

How Shojayee and Nekoonam play so brilliantly in Osasuna and play like crap for their country, is beyond logic.

No heart, no...heart.


khassano khossein har 3 dokhtaraye eman reza boodan?

by Anonymouslie (not verified) on

His name is Hussein Kalani, and not even he would have been able to get us out of this shit hole.
We lost...again.


To MiNeum71

by K.M. (not verified) on

France won the 1998 World Cup by using 4-2-3-1


Ghotbi should use his connections in South Koreans football

by پیام on

federation ( since he used to co-coach their national team as Guus Hiddink's side kick) to make a little "sakht o pakht" for Iran's match against them. Maybe if they come easy on us, we could win them and ( if North Korea and Arabestan equal) we can make our way to world cup as second in group behind South Korea. 


WC2010 we are coming!

by fozoooooooooooooooool (not verified) on

All we have to do is to beat S.Korea then we get at least 2 more games if we finish in 3rd place
we have to play Bahrain and if we loose again then we can beat Newzeland, like we killed kangroos back in 97.


My Analysis

by MiNeum71 on

Iran's performance was (compared to Asia's top teams) very poor. Iran's problems are:

1) The 4-2-3-1 system doesn't promise success like 4-1-3-2 or 4-3-3 (no
team in the history of football has won a major tournament with this

2) Generally the quality of the players isn't that high.

3) Against UAE the defenders faced no challenges, but against a stronger offence they have many problems.

4) The midfielders work to rule, I miss the passion, the risk. And they keep the ball too long.

5) Don't we have better strikers with Iranian citizenship?



I was going to call Hassan Kallany for help

by Assad (not verified) on

We need a forward like Kallany

Ali P.

Would there ever come a day...

by Ali P. on

that we make it to the World Cup, mesleh aadam???

Would there ever...??

Do we always have to have our hearts in our mouths, until the very last minute of the very last game of the very last qualifier???

Happy beating UAE ! :-)


Nice goal!

by farokh2000 on

That was a great move.

I hope it is not too little too late for Team Meli.

They had a ton of chances against North Korea and did not finish.

That could have sealed it for them.

Hopefully, they still have another chance of making it to the Big Dance.


One more please

by shirazie (not verified) on

Still no finisher..

Karimi was motivated .. making him a captain 2nd half gave him more pride. Nice goal

we to need win in S Korea.. that is Tough


Not bad!

by Anonymous9999 (not verified) on

Kalaatbaree is not ready for team melee and he was about ruining the game. That was the reason why Afshin Qotbie gave him only 5 minutes in last game against NK.
Dame Ali Karimi garm, as we say in Persian: Dood az Koondeh bolland Meesheh.


Nice work

by Anonymous654654 (not verified) on

That was an awesome goal!


Be gholeh doost pesareh azizam "DAMESH GARM"

by Assal_B on own personal opinion: Ali Daei, the joke's on you!

Great game, timely substitutions, and a couple of seconds of true magic that reminded us all why Karimi's position on this team has been worth fighting for!

Looking forward to South Korea...