Inja Kojast


Inja Kojast
by sobh

Video on oldouz84's YouTube channel uploaded tonight (6/19/2008) in Tehran:

Tonight the sound of "God is Great" can be heard louder and louder than previous nights
Where is this?! Where is this place where everything has been blocked?
Where is this place where people are just shouting the name of God?
Where is this place where the sound of "God is Great" can be heard louder and louder?
Everyday I'm just waiting to see if there will be more and louder voices at nights?
My body trembles
... and I wonder if God trembles too?
Where is this where we've been imprisoned so innocently?
Where is this where no one gives us a helping hand?!
Where is this place, where we are getting our voices heard worldwide through our silence?
Where is this place where the blood of its young people is shed on the streets..., where people stand and pray on their blood?
Where is this place where its people are called "gangsters" and "thugs"?!
Where is this?
This is Iran. This is my land and yours!
This is Iran


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by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

When comes it to the end? Since 1500 years our country was/is ruled by savage people, first by arab animals then by wild savage Turks and then by bloody Mongols and now by the products of arabs/turk/mongol invasion(Sayad Ali Khamaneie). Could we see a free Iran ruled by Iranians?

Kaveh Nouraee

This is

by Kaveh Nouraee on

one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

persian westender

در واژه واژه

persian westender

در واژه واژه این سخنان، عصاره یک تاریخ سرکوب و نامردمی را میتوان با گوشت و پوست و خون لمس کرد...این درد مشترک را فریاد کن.



Khoda be hamrahetan.....

by Nader12345 (not verified) on

God bless all the young men and women that with their recent brave actions have made every Iranian PROUD!!



by Mehrban on

Thank you.


I'm not old enough to have

by Shahab M. (not verified) on

I'm not old enough to have witnessed the revolution in Iran. This is so very new to me.

I'd never seen the Iranian people so united.
I'd never seen the Iranian people genuinely care for eachother.
I'd never seen the Iranian people stand up for their rights.

I never thought that the young would stand in front of bullets.

They are fed up. They have united, and will take steps forward. Maybe everything won't change overnight.

But somethings have already changed..

ps. beautiful video btw.



by Khar on









نخل وفا از عرفی شیرازی است و این دو بیتی هم

 زاهد به فریب مرد و زن مشغول است

صوفی به عمارت بدن مشغول است

عاشق به هلاک خویشتن مشغول است

دانا به کرشمۀ سخن مشغول است   


Where is the Shark????

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

What happened to that Koseh??? Where is Rafsanjani? is he stuffing his pillows with money? Why is he so quiet?

Our Women has shown that they are as brave as our men. This is amazing, IRAN JAVID BAD - SARZAMINE DALIRAN - ZAN O MARD



by Jahanbin (not verified) on

Ba hamin alaho akbar Al ghaedeh sar miborad, ba hamin alaho akbar terrorist, khodeshoono monfajer va hamdigeh ro mikoshan, ahlaho akbar varegheh oboor baraye koshtareh va hameh azesh sadameh khordan, migin na....vaght ziad nadarim barayeh tajrobeh andoozi bishtar ghorboonetoom beram


simin,madare iran

by soopoor (not verified) on

گر شعله های خشم وطن / زين بيشتر بلند شود
ترسم به روی سنگ لحد / نامت عجين به گند شود
پر گوی و ياوه ساز شدی، / بی حد زبان دراز شدی
ابرام ژاژخايی ی تو / اسباب ريشخند شود
هرجا دروغ يافته ای / درهم چو رشته بافته ای
ترسم که آنچه تافته ای / بر گردنت کمند شود
باد غرور در سر تو، / کور است چشم باور تو
پيلی که اوفتد به زمين / حاشا دگر بلند شود
بر سر کله گشاد منه، / خاک مرا به باد مده
ابر عبوس اوج - طلب / پابوس آبکند شود
بس کن خروش و همهمه را، / در خاک و خون مکش همه را
کاری مکن که خلق خدا / گريان و سوگمند شود
نفرين من مباد تو را / زان رو که در مقام رضا
دشمن چو دردمند شود، / خاطر مرا نژند شود
خواهی گر آتشم بزنی / يا قصد سنگسار کنی
کبريت و سنگ در کف تو / خاموش و بی گزند شود
سيمين بهبهانی
۲۵ خرداد ۱٣٨٨


Cry my beloved country

by bachebeedeen (not verified) on

so much suffering so much injustice for so many years. This heartfelt and so real.


خندند بر آن دیده کاینجا نشود گریان




اینجا جائیست که مردمش تا روز ٢٢ خرداد «ملت شریف» بودند و از صبح روز ٢٣ خرداد شدند «اراذل و اوباش» و «خس و خاشاک»!

اینجا جائیست که تا بحال مردمش یا به «ظل الله» بدهکار بودن یا به «آیت الله»!

اینجاجائیست که ......

در زیر پای بوتهء هرزی شقایق لِه شده.......امّا برای ماندن سرخش تقلا میکند!


Big Boy

God bless, whoever you are!

by Big Boy on

The bravery of Iranian women is the stuff of legend.  My sisters, you deserve so much better than this.


Heart of darkness

by Mehrban on

 So telling of the darkness ruling Iran. 


Fred, I was walking today and thinking "risheh dar ab ast", I had read it in one of your posts before and it had stayed in my mind, now there are these two verses.  Uncanny.



So Sad

by Anonymous-Irany (not verified) on

The IRI thugs pray with bloody hands because our country is ruled by a savage bloody Mongol like sultan Ali Khamaneie. shame on them.

نماز بخوانند روی زمینی که خون جوانان ایران روی آن ریخته شده.


Thanks Sobh and J

by IRANdokht on

and Fred

Although I had started crying, I stopped when I read your beautiful poem which helped bring hope...

thank you



بانگ جرسی می آید


گر نخل وفا بر ندهد چشم تری هست 

   تا ریشه در آب است ، امید ثمری هست

هر چند رسد آیت یاس از در و دیوار

   بر بام و در دوست ، پریشان نظری هست

Jahanshah Javid

I can't...

by Jahanshah Javid on

Stop crying....