Inja Kojast


Inja Kojast
by sobh

Video on oldouz84's YouTube channel uploaded tonight (6/19/2008) in Tehran:

Tonight the sound of "God is Great" can be heard louder and louder than previous nights
Where is this?! Where is this place where everything has been blocked?
Where is this place where people are just shouting the name of God?
Where is this place where the sound of "God is Great" can be heard louder and louder?
Everyday I'm just waiting to see if there will be more and louder voices at nights?
My body trembles
... and I wonder if God trembles too?
Where is this where we've been imprisoned so innocently?
Where is this where no one gives us a helping hand?!
Where is this place, where we are getting our voices heard worldwide through our silence?
Where is this place where the blood of its young people is shed on the streets..., where people stand and pray on their blood?
Where is this place where its people are called "gangsters" and "thugs"?!
Where is this?
This is Iran. This is my land and yours!
This is Iran


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Google Earth to update satellite images of Tehran

by puss on


it is just shomal-e Tehran

by Kurush (not verified) on

They brought it upon themselves, In north Korea it would be met with utmost ruthlessness,; in China it would be met with utmost ruthlessness; in Russia, it owuld be met with utmost ruthlessness. In France;s recent street riots, Sarkozy similarly warned them of ZERO tolerance; Margaret Thatcher had ZERO tolerance for public protests of even the mildest type. Reagan sacked the entire airport tower controllers and did not allow them to be rehired. Now these Tehranis! They had many freedoms which now will be taken from them. There will be a harsher authoritarian government which like America will creat a prison-industrial complex (incarcerating 2.5 millions), or a huge army training the recruits, its young generation, how to be obedient ( you know how it is in the Army, OBEY & SHUT UP), either way they will learn how to behave. You do not know what you've got untill you lose it! It grieves me that we Iranians do not have a better imagination, just being destructive rather than constructive.



by SamSamIIII on


30 yrs of crying is enough ..time to break the back of dogs of qadesiyeh & mullahs





by capt_ayhab on

انفجار بمب در قبر خمینی ملعون .
دو نفر کشته شده.




twitter feeds up to the minute

by capt_ayhab on

  1. IranRiggedElectRT @iranbaan Unconfirmed: Karbaschi is amongst people #iranelection     

  2. TehranBureaulower streets


  • TehranBureauforces
    dressed as civilians are beating on people and using tear gas to keep
    them from entering the square, they are being dispersed into


  • TehranBureaupedestrians have filled up Qods street and the square


  • TehranBureauthere are massive amounts of people at Enghelaab Sq


  • TehranBureaui'm dying with worry. please pray for us.


  • TehranBureaui'm worried


  • TehranBureaushe hasn't returned


  • TehranBureaumy young sister has taken to the streets as well


  • TehranBureauthings are horrible, please pray for us


  • TehranBureauanother friend's arm has broken


  • TehranBureauone of my friends got smacked so hard she has lost hearing in one ear


  • IranRiggedElectvia @iranbaan demo has turned into scattered street fights parallel to Enghelab-Azadi Sq & 1 rumored to be killed #iranElection


  • TehranBureaubasij is even attacking young girls and women


  • TehranBureauthey're throwing something, i don't know what exactly, at people's bodies


  • IranRiggedElectPress TV reports the number of casualties of the explosion at Khomeini's shrine to be 8. #iranelection


  • TehranBureaualso blasting "water guns" at people


  • TehranBureautrucks blasting water at the people


  • IranRiggedElectvia VOA Shirin Ebadi issues a letter: safety of protesters is the responsibility of security forces #iranElection


  • TehranBureaulots of tear gas





    by puss on


    message to the THUGS IN CHARGE

    by Ali Akbar (not verified) on

    it is ON!!!





    Beautiful Poem Mona 19

    by 11101932 (not verified) on

    You sound like the magnificent Tahereh. There is something precious about the tenderness, courage, and eloquence of many Iranian women. May more and more Iranian women leave the veil of darkness and lead Iran to where it belongs -- to the forefront of the civilized, ethical, and free people.

    Your poem touched me deeply. God bless you.

    Mona 19

    كه بنيان جفا و جور، بي بنياد مي‌گردد...

    Mona 19

    "تپیدنهاي دلها ناله شد، آهسته آهسته
    رساتر گر شود اين ناله‌ها، فرياد مي‌گردد
    ز اشك و آه مردم بوي خون آيد، كه آهن را
    دهي گر آب و آتش، دشنه فولاد مي‌گردد
    دلم از اين خرابيها بُـوَد خوش، زانكه مي‌دانم
    خرابي چون كه از حد بگذرد، آباد مي‌گردد
    ز بيداد فزون آهنگري گمنام و زحمتكش
    علمدار و عَـلَم، چون كاوة حداد مي‌گردد
    به ويرانيِ اين اوضاع، هستم مطمئن، زانرو
    كه بنيان جفا و جور، بي بنياد مي‌گردد"

    مونا :(


    My prayer tonight

    by Anonymous azadi (not verified) on

    God! If you really exist, now is the time to show yourself! Now is the time for you to support these defenseless but brave people. Now is the time for you to hear the crys of those calling your name at night on the rooftops and reaching out to you.

    Please no more "hekmate elaahi", no more "secret reasons" for your inaction. This time, help us! Please, this time don't be indifferent. It is the last chance for me and many others to keep our faith in you!

    Azadeh Azad

    News from Iran

    by Azadeh Azad on

    Naser Amir Nejad a senior undergraduate student from Azad university-Tehran, science & research campus, has been killed.

    There is a protest going on right now on the campus. Regime has cancelled all classes and exams at universities all around Iran and state universities have all been closed down.

    Darius Kadivar

    Where is Abarmard These Days ? ...

    by Darius Kadivar on

    Kakoo Where Art Tou To speak of the virtues of our GREAT ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY ? ....

    I wonder ...


    Organize ( Please send info to Iran )

    by freenet on

    بعد از سخنان رهبر در نماز جمعه که با تهییج طرفدارانش به امنیتی تر
    کردن فضا
    و ایجاد جو احساسی مبارزه با دشمن و شهادت طلبی تمام شد علاوه بر ادامه دادن به تظاهرات آرام خیابانی می
    باید نافرمانی های مدنی و فعالیت دیگری را را آغاز کرد. // 1. اعتصابات گسترده خصوصا در صنعت نفت و
    بازار // 2. بیرون کشیدن
    پول از بانک های دولتی و فروختن سهام های دولتی بورس //
    3. نپرداختن فیش های آب و برق و گاز و خلافی رانندگی و
    پلیس راه و همچنین نپرداختن مالیات ماشین و کسب و کار و ... // 4. حرکات هماهنگ اجتماعی
    از قبیل
    بوق زدن، دیوار نویسی، پخش اعلامیه و شب نامه، بی حرکت ایستادن در یک ساعت خاص به مدت مثلا دو دقیقه ( چه
    پیاده چه با ماشین) و راه های دیگری
    که همه باید هم فکری کنند و پیش نهاد کنند.
    // 5. تشکیل هسته ها و شبکه های ارتباطی موثر (زنجیره ی ایمیل، تلفن، بلوتوث، ...) و سازمان یافته طوری که وظایف هر کدام مشخص باشد // 6. وضع
    تحریم های سازمان داده شده علیه حامیان کودتا (صدا و سیما و ...) // 7. تلاش برای دوستی با
    نیروهای نظامی و انتظامی و بیسجیان برای کشاندن آن ها به آغوش مردم. // 8. گرفتن مراسم سوم و هفتم و چهلم شهدای آزادی و
    بزرگداشت خاطره ی آن ها در مناسبت های مختلف // 9. . در خواست از مراجع تقلید مستقل و شجاع در همراهی با مردم و طلب یاری از آن ها. نقش مراجع و
    روحانیون در شهرستان ها خیلی مهم است. // 10. پرهیز جدی از آزرده کردن اعتقادات مذهبی و باورهای دینی معتقدان. // 11. تقاضا از رهبران اعتراض (موسوی
    و کروبی و خاتمی و هاشمی و ..) به
    ایستادگی در برابر کودتا چیان. // 12. جبران خسارت و دلجویی کردن از کسانی که در این وقایع آسیب های جدی
    دیده ا ند و یا می بینند. // 13. پیگیری
    وضعیت دستگیر شدگان از طریق منابع داخلی و بین المللی // 14. جلوگیری از پخش اخبار غیر موثق و
    شایعاتی که باعث رعب و وحشت می شود // 15. مبارزه با جنگ روانی و ارعاب کودتاگران و شجاعت دادن به کسانی که هنوز در تردید به سر می برند
    آزادی و ، جمهوری، برای ایرانی‌ دمکراتیک. نه کمتر

    شعار محوری: آزادی، آزادی، جمهوری، جمهوری


    The tree of liberty must be refreshed ...

    by sobh on

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. -- Thomas Jefferson

    How sad is that quote, and how revelant...


    We all supported our

    by andisheh (not verified) on

    We all supported our brethren in Iran to vote in their best interest. We also supported them in their protest of the cheating that took place in the election. Why should we abandon them now? We can't always change what is unjust, and we can't always forget the injustices done to us. What we can do is support our friends and family in Iran, no matter what. They're actually effected by the results of the election, while we only care because it's "our country". Well why not care like they care; it's ten times more important to them. If they could change the results, they would. If they could get their justice they would. But they can't, they are being oppressed. So all we can do is cry with them? Since when? We can share our knowledge of democracy. Share with them our knowledge of how to organize and demonstrate. Not just to say we tried, but to make sure it doesn't happen again. Whose Iran is it? Ours of peace? Or Ahmaghnijad's of dictatorship and oppression?

    Darius Kadivar

    FYI/letter from medical student in Iran (recieved on Blackberry)

    by Darius Kadivar on

    Subject: Fw: letter from medical student


    "What I have witnessed." A powerful note from a female medical student in Iran, translated from Farsi by a trusty reader.


    It's painful to watch what's happening.

    I don't want anything to do with what has been said this far, as I neither have the strength nor the resilience to face all these unfathomable events.

    I only want to speak about what I have witnessed. I am a medical student. There was chaos last night at the trauma section in one of our main hospitals. Although by decree, all riot-related injuries were supposed to be sent to military hospitals, all other hospitals were filled to the rim. Last night, nine people died at our hospital and another 28 had gunshot wounds. All hospital employees were crying till dawn. They (government) removed the dead bodies on back of trucks, before we were even able to get their names or other information. What can you even say to the people who don't even respect the dead. No one was allowed to speak to the wounded or get any information from them. This morning the faculty and the students protested by gathering at the lobby of the hospital where they were confronted by plain cloths anti-riot militia, who in turn closed off the hospital and imprisoned the staff. The extent of injuries are so grave, that despite being one of the most staffed emergency rooms, they've asked everyone to stay and help--I'm sure it will even be worst tonight.

    What can anyone say in face of all these atrocities? What can you say to the family of the 13 year old boy who died from gunshots and whose dead body then disappeared?

    This issue is not about cheating(election) anymore. This is not about stealing votes anymore. The issue is about a vast injustice inflected on the people. They've put a baton in the hand of every 13-14 year old to smash the faces of "the bunches who are less than dirt" (government is calling the people who are uprising dried-up torn and weeds)

    This is what sickens me from dealing with these issues. And from those who shut their eyes and close their ears and claim the riots are in opposition of the government and presidency!! No! The people's complaint is against the egregious injustices committed against the people.


    Where is Allah?

    by Princess on

    Where is Allah to hear the crys of my people? Where has it been for the past 30 years? Whatever is up there, ARE YOU HEARING THIS???? ARE YOU LISTENING?????

    "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."



    Puss jan

    by KouroshS on

    Thank you very much for the info.:)



    by History (not verified) on

    Azharie-h Gosale, bazam migi navareh??
    Anyone remember?
    You fools. People are used once again.
    So this time around Mr Muosavi will give us
    the oil money?
    I am just waiting to see his face on the moon!!
    Amusing to see once the very pillar of the oppressive regime now advocates freedom of green kind.
    What next, Mohsen Rezaei becomes human righs ombudsman??



    by Majid on

    I thougt I'm the only one going crazy over this thing.....LOL

    Only god knows what's going on in front of Tehran University, Azadi square, Enghelaab square and ALLOVER iran as we speak!

    Power to people, LONG LIVE IRAN


    Kourosh jaan

    by puss on

    There are some website that can help you to hide your IP address:







    do your google , i am not sure which one works better..

    but there is another site that can help to find out who owns the site like:  //  this is the good one..dig into it..

    i will do more research and let you know by tomorrow.


    peace & freedom


    Are we human or are we dancers....

    by Azabe vejdan! (not verified) on

    I was born in Iran and left the country few years ago! I've been crying watching this video! You have beautiful voice and beautiful soul, and all I can do is to watch and cry! Please help Iranian people, help humanity, if you care!
    My prayers with you and all those people who are going to be slaughtered tomorrow, while the whole world is watching! Are we human, or what??!!!....


    Me Too

    by t (not verified) on

    I can't stop cryng because we are only hours away from history being made in Iran. I only pray that it would be a bright one for our nation. I too can't sleep and like a maniac surf from FB to Twitter, to, CNN, BBC and Huffington Post.


    puss jan.

    by KouroshS on

    Azabe vojdan? as if they really give a crap.

    How can one identify such websites? Is there any way to tell them apart?


    to the good people... and basijies..

    by puss on

    "khone ma rangintar az khone javanhamon dar Iran nist..."

    But becareful when you go to different sites... as you all know, there would some website and blogs that has been designed by IR to trace and  identify people all over the world.... and it is so easy to trace IP and find your location/address..I do not mean to scare you but I am talking to people who do not know that much about IP or ISP..once you click on their link you are in their list..


    Basiji, stop killing your brothers and sisters .. if you dont, you will have to live the rest of your life, with "azabe vojdan..." keep your concious clear.


    peace & freedom

    hamsade ghadimi


    hamsade ghadimi

    این مرثیه‌ات در زمینهٔ آهنگ الله اکبر همیشه در گوش من زنگ خواهد زد.


    "مرغ سحر ناله کن

    داغ مرا تازه کن

    ز  آه شرر بر این قفس را

    بر شکن و زیر و زبر کن


    بلبل پربسته ز کنج قفس دراَ

    نغمهٔ آزادیِ نوع بشر را

    در نفسی عرصه این خاک تیره را

    پر شرر کن!"

    Bijan A M

    heart breaking

    by Bijan A M on

    As heart breaking as it is to listen to this cry of desperation, it is another sign of the upcoming demise of the Islamic tyranny. This movement is for real. Let’s wipe off our tears and bear arms.  

    Noosh Afarin

    موجم اگر میروم ، گر نروم نیستم ......هموطنم، گریه نکن!

    Noosh Afarin


     پریشانی ایران

    ای دوست ببین بی سر و سامانی ایران
     بدبختی ایران و پریشانی ایران

    از قبر برون آی و ببین ذلت ما را 
    این ذلت ایرانی و ویرانی ایران

    آوخ که لحد ، جای تو شد تا بقیامت !
    رفتی و ندیدی تو پریشانی ایران :

    از وضع کنونی و زبدبختی ملت
    زین فقر و پریشانی و ویرانی ایران

    گردیده جهان تیره و گشته ست دلم تنگ
    گوئی که شدم حبسی و زندانی ایران

    بگرفته دلم سخت زاوضاع کنونی
    بیچارگی و محنت و حیرانی ایران

     عشقی  بود ، ار نوحه گر امروز عجب نیست
    خون می چکد از دیدۀ ایرانی و ایران

    میرزاده عشقی

    مرگ بر جمهوری تروريست اسلامی






    ایران احتیاج به شاه الله هان نوکر یا خر خمینی پرستان حزب الله ندارد.
    «مرحم زخم  ایران و ایرانیان ازادی است»


    When the people rise up

    by An American friend (not verified) on

    When the people rise up against an oppressor, it inspires people throughout the world.

    I'm sure that the bravery of the Iranian people is thrilling to subjugated people everywhere, and terrifying to leaders who rule, not on behalf of their people, but only to increase their own power.

    Although our government is staying strictly out of this issue--we have a better leader now--everyone I know in the United States supports you. And dictators around the world are frightened.

    Thank you. The spread of truth is the world's best hope. I wish you success in your peaceful effort to bring change to your country.

    An American supporter


    This is incredibly haunting

    by baran (not verified) on

    This is incredibly haunting and powerful.