Hot dog diplomacy


A New Iran Overture, With Hot Dogs 

New York Times: The U.S. State Department has sent a cable to its embassies and consulates around the world notifying them that “they may invite representatives from the government of Iran” to their Independence Day celebrations — annual receptions that typically feature hot dogs, red-white-and-blue bunting and some perfunctory remarks about the founding fathers. Administration officials characterized the move as another in a series of American overtures to Iran. The United States has not had relations with Iran since the American Embassy in Tehran was seized by protesters in 1979; the country’s diplomats have not been formally invited to American events since then. “It is another way of saying we are not putting barriers in the way of communicating,” said one administration official. “It is another way of signaling that there is an opportunity that should not be wasted.” >>>

06/02/2009 - 08:30

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Blind chauvinism again!

by Mehrdad300 (not verified) on

Today's Iranians don't view the world the way you suggest. They have transcended the cold war mentality to befriend the West for how it can help them rebuild their countries and extricate themselves from a 13th century Islamic rule. You still live in the mid 1900, the era that the Indians and Africans were fighting colonial powers....Very much like Mahmood....


give them beads steal their land

by Kurush (not verified) on

is this the modern version of give them indians beads and get them to sign away their land to the white, well, not-so-white, man? As Kenyata of Kenya said: they give us the Bible but took away our land. SO Iranians, at least the gullible ones, would say they gave us hotdogs but took away our country! Beware of the white devil, he is wearing a black mask!



by Anonymous-tehrany (not verified) on

Damet garm, it is very funny to have Obama in Ashora. Just imagine Obama doing seeneh zany, zangeer zany and finally qameh zany.