Press TV chased in London

Demonstrators boo cameraman for IRI's English TV

Press TV man is forced to leave the scene of the demonstration which took place in front of the Iranian embassy. Meanwhile one protester is injured and at least one arrested as the crowd confront police:


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rosie is roxy is roshan

Press TV, Reporters Without Borders

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Since the elections I made a point of reading press tv every day to follow the 'official line'. But it quickly became clear to me that the hatchet jobs being done on the articles reflected deep schisms within the organization. Which were to be expected. Overall the hardliners of course were winning but not withoout a good fight. The items were sometimes so bizarre one could only imagine the battles, and the surgical excisions and grafts that had gone on from the reporting through the editing room to the publicatio. And sometimes even after.

Just a few days ago, I  saw an article on press tv that was rampantly pro-Mousavi with the title "Mousavi Refuses to Give White Flag" and the strongest rhetoric imaginable quoted from Mousavi against the Regime. It appeared at the same time with an item about an Ayatollah with the title that he "raps" the Regime, and beginning with the first sentence that he "lashed out". Bot were prominently featured at the top of the page. In the very process of my cutting and pasting these items for submission, the Moussavi article was removed from Press TV completely, and the second one had been moved to the bottom of the page. The title had been changed from "raps" to 'censures'. But the part about lashing out had been changed to 'observed". Many more changes made the item bland. Itis a miracle it remained at all since the Moussavi one did not. Who knows how many people fought and how hard so it could stay at all?

A few days before there was a letter to the Guardian in defense of Press TV by one of its employees in which he spoke of his 'paymasters'. A careful reading made it clear, to me at least, that in various ways he was trying to convey the repression under which he works. A few days later the incident I mentioned above happened. It was an extreme case of something obviously happens constantly at Press TV. A pro-Green, pro-free speech faction persevering against growing odds.

According to to Reporters Without Borders, Iran is the 'largest prison for journalists in the world' even before China. We don't know the specifics of the circumstances the individual reporters and editors  of Press TV are working against which inform the decisions they have to make, what they are risking, or what kind of courage it takes. We cannot judge them as individuals. We do not know their specific circumstances. We are not them 

Can you imagine  the bravery of the people that were willing to write and publish that article on Moussavi under the current climate? There are many men in women at Press TV who are doing these things every day. In the face of  constant pressures, especially within Iran, where the consequences could even be unimaginable, still these reporters do their best to fight the limits placed on them.  From within , precisely where the risks and restrictions are the greatest.

They are reporters without borders.

I wish to acknowledge and thank these brave individuals.


AK69, my comments...

by Ostaad on

were in response to Benyamin who says, "JJ doesn`t through (throw?) out their comments for that since they are the only "minority opposition voice"". Where does he get the idea that those whose opinions he/she does not agree with are in "minority" and their comments should be throw out?!!!

This character, who is filled with "joy" when the hooligans, whom he seems to admire, beat up and kick out a mere reporter who happens to work for an outfit that they don't like, seems to complain that JJ should throw out the comments by some poster because they are "only" the "minority opposition voice"!!!

It seems to me we should be happy that even Press TV, which I agree is a propaganda organ of the IRI, is there with their cameras, therefore someone in the regime will see real people are expressing their outrage as the result of the regime's shenanigans.  Such despicable, and jahadi-like, behavior that Benyamin admires, only gives more fuel to the regime to depict the demonstrators as hooligans. Is that what we want?

Fianlly, (bilakh)4 right back at you!



by Afshinsah on

To Zebel20: For how long you are going to blame free press for all shortcoming of IRI? All those broadcasting companies you named are private enterprises and are not paid by any governments as oppose to Press TV or Seda va Simaye IRI.  They can criticize the governments of the countries they are reporting from, without being afraid of being arrested or prosecuted.  Stop nonsense words of Ahamdinejad about Jews and read a little about facts and figures. If what you claim was true then this site (JJ's) is also controlled by the government and you better stop making comments here.

To Benyamin:Be thankful that there is freedom of expression here otherwise how would we know who stands for what belief.  The problem with the closed, idealogic society is that you only view the agreeable side of people.  For example, in Iran or North Korea, no one can really express themselves unless prepared for being punished.  The Hypocrisy is the result of suppression of freedom.  As we have it in Parsi: Ta mard sokhan na-gofteh baashad, eybo honarash nahofteh baashad.


Ostaad Joon....Ba Ehjaze...Maniye Hypocrite Chi-eh??? TIA

by AK69 on

Aval migi:

"This website is in a free society and we are all entitled to express our opinions "

Badan migi:

"You should be thanking JJ for allowing characters like you to post your nonsense comments on this forum"

Man Migam:

Belakh x2

(Don't worry click the link since I know u need a little ko-mack on the reply)




benyamin, we are on the

by zebel20 on

benyamin, we are on the same page, no news channel will broadcast anything that is to their disadvantage. 

i do also agree with you as we are suppose to fight for our rights as an individual and freedom of speech valy nabayad jav gir beshim, 

for instant we have to make sure we dont have an another leader, revolution took place, the country is not recovering from war nomore and our foreign policies are strong so thank you, our politicians should be loyal and committed to irans future and not allow some  power inside iran to succeed in appointing another leader, which is illegal to do so with the support of iranians and peacful demostration giving no one any excuse, and at the same time not allowing foreign countries from taking advantage. 

i am sure you have some knowledge over american's history and their treatment over black people, 

we have to learn from their exprience and use it to our advantage and claim our freedom, and i am afraid there is going to be casualties.

i also believe you might agree we are better off with iri rather then the mujahedin. 


Benyamin, there are those who support the regime and those who..

by Ostaad on

don't'. This website is in a free society and we are all entitled to express our opinions - with a bit of snipping at each other occasionally.

But comments by hooligans like you have no place in a civilized forum. I'm not sure what makes you think you're part of the "majority" on this site. As far as I'm concerned you belong to the intolerant fringe. In other words there's no difference between you and the goons who beat people on the streets. The only difference is they at least show up, but you're hiding cowardly in the cyberspace.

You should be thanking JJ for allowing characters like you to post your nonsense comments on this forum. 




by FrankiPaykani on

Very powerful assault weapons. Like the one's that killed Neda and many other inocent Iranians. Such weapons were never intended to "disperse crowds". They are very effective killing machines. They're only intent is to inflict lethal damage to human beings. In IRI one need only step outside or open their mouth to become targets.


Truth trumps lies. Technology will always be one step ahead of Fascist dictatorship. Evil has nowhere to hide anymore. Khameneis' deeds are broadcast world-wide. 

Foolish lies of PressTV will soon be silenced once and for all. 



by Benyamin on

There are  a "few" people on here that are torturing us by their comments, people like; JaleHO,Mehdi,Dariush,Kourosh, Zebel20. Thease people virtually saying "killings and beatinga and torture" is for the good of the country???

They think that they are the only wise people living in Iran or in this case abroad and trying to lead it in any weather condition!!!

They take everyone else stupid and dumb. By the way they condone the killings of unarmed human being but JJ doesn`t through out their comments for that since they are the only "minority opposition voice" on here, but if I say they make themselves target by saying that my comments may get kicked out.


Seems completely reasonable to me...

by FrankiPaykani on

I must wholheartedly disagree with Zebel20. Sounds like Zebel's been drinking Khamenei's Cool-Aid.

Having spent much time monitoring PressTV I can understand the sentiments of the angry crowd. It's a mouthpiece of repression.  They won't even leave comments up, if you don't blindly agree with Khamaenei's version of "truth".  Go to their site, look at the comments. PressTV would have you believe that 100% of the viewers on their English service agree 100% with the evil policies of the Islamist Regime.   

PressTV is an Evil enterprise.  They're only purpose is to tell lies and confuse people.

I'd have done all I could to stop them, had I been there.  

This is only the begining, PressTV and other agents of Fascism will be stopped. It's not anti-democratic for free people living in a free country to fight againsts Fascism.

The World Wide trend is towards increased freedom and acceptance of human rights. It can not, and will not be stopped. 

At least the footage of Neda's death was truth. The people of Iran have an inalienable right to record and shed light on Evil. Assasinating Neda was pure Evil. And please, don't bother printing more IRI propaganda claiming she was killed by everyone but the regime. I have personally witnessed Basijis and Police firing directly towards protestors.




by Benyamin on

Whatever it is, it is better than that of the IRI your "owners". where are crying foul when "seda va seema" doesnot even mention the demonstration right by its towers? where are you crying foul when the PressTv either broadcasts shear lie or mentions nothing about the real news or fabricating truth?

Did "seda va seema" annouce anybodies death? to this day have not, why didn`t you cry foul for any of those "democratic" values or maybe your democracy involves slavery to "vel;ayat e fagheeh" which obviously what you deserve.


what kind of democracy is

by zebel20 on

what kind of democracy is that, to beat up a reporter. the assassination attempt of ahmadinejad, mosavi and korabi, which was not mentioned on the bbc. Or the investigation to dr kelly’s death. Every time during our presidential election, people gather around Iranian embassy around Europe in protest that we Iranians should be united and not to vote, I am surprised that out of the sudden, everyone outside Iran have voted and voted for mosavi. Accept the result of the election. If you find it hard to do so, compare it to the American presidential election result that bush got to become the president for the second term. Press tv is a great Iranian achievement that give our nation a voice in the world. If us Iranian had a bit of common sense we would have complain over the broadcast of the death of neda, as it is illegal to do so. They are so fair they can broadcast the death of 100000 iraqi women and children that died the same way as neda. They don’t do that because they don’t want to create anger among their own people, But since you are so against iran’s press tv, I have to ask you who is funding the bbc, or fox news or cnn, You should appreciate that iran is run by Iranians unlike america as the whole government is controlled by very rich powerful Jewish community and people’s vote doesn’t count for nothing. Tony blair didn’t won the majority of the vote, but they said he should be the prime minister because the government as in the members of parliament wants him to stay in power. There is your democracy.


PressTV = IslamicRegimeMouthPieceTv

by AK69 on

They should have followed him home and kicked his ass while they filmed it.



Ghormeh. divided Iranians!!!!!

by Yana on

shad zee




by Benyamin on

I was filled with joy looking at this clip, The press tv is nothing but a privately owned by Khameneiee and his royal family the same as seda va seema.

Good on them

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

looks like Shah Ghollam putting his over time for the supreme shipisho again.