Little Mojtaba


Supreme Leader Khamenei and son Mojtaba.

07/13/2009 - 14:31

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Mohassess will always be a master for us all

by ramintork on

Mehrban, you certainly picked one of my mentors.


Maybe you are thinking of Ardeshir Mohases?

by Mehrban on

Ramin and Omid you are both very talented.  Thanks


Omid Aghayeh Gol!

by ramintork on

He is a Frankenstein type monster so although created from a dead ideology he constantly needs blood and crude oil to stay alive. That is what those tubes are for.

We need to cut those tubes!

He doesn't need shoes for he is not a man but a beast.  

If Neda has become a symbol of Martyrdom, representing the voice of our beautiful, intelligent, Artistic young women and a face for feminism in Iran then Mojtaba deserves to be the opposite symbol of crude brutality, a symbol for cruelty, ignorance and tyranny.

A 30-year anti-thesis to all cherished human high ideals of beauty, compassion, Love, culture, Art and music i.e. ignorance and disease of Islamic fundamentalist and its dark shadow.

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

I'm reposting this comment here again from my blog, just in case you don't return over there.  I couldn't see your drawing for a while.  As you know for a while on the Homepage it was your drawing but once it was clicked on it would go to Mojtaba's Iraninan of the Day page.  I knew it would get corrected sooner or later.  I clicked on it several times last night but as long as I was up it was not fixed.

Your drawing looks so artistic.  What are those tubular things coming out of his body, and what happened to his shoes?  I know, your painting looks like another great illustrationist, but I can't recall his name this early in the morning.  Great job.