Desmond Tutu: July 25

South Afridan Archbishop supports global rallies in support of green movement

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu voices his support for the Global Day of Action in solidarity for the People of Iran on Saturday July 25th. People in more than 60 cities around the world will participate in this unprecedented wave of global citizen activism. Other Nobel Peace Laureates, prominent Iranian poets & artists, and many others support the global day of action: Shirin Ebadi, Sean Penn, Dariush, Maz Jobrani, Betty Williams, Jody Williams, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Simin Behbahani, and Ismael Khoii.


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Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Dorood bar Tutu

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Free Iran and Iranians.


Zebel, Jalelo, dariush and the other IRI supporters on this site


Your days are numbered


I have said it many times that it is just a matter of days and months that your fascist and totalitarian governmnet will collapse.

 I hope they also deport you back to Iran and let you *** (I have prmosed not to use profanity) in Iranian Evin prson.



David ET

This was

by David ET on

This was a very important gesture of support for the movement in Iran in the international arena.

For years we have been asking for same attention as S. Africa received by bringing up gender apartheid etc Iran and at last the deserved attention is being given to the atrocities in Iran. 


Zebel,  Desmond Tutu was

by desi on

Zebel,  Desmond Tutu was instrumental in ending apartheid in South Africa!  He's worked tirelessly for humanitarian efforts in his own continent and got the Nobel Prize for it which wasn't an easy task.  I'm sure if he could undo centuries of colonialism in Africa and eradicate AIDS he would.  

Thanks Archbishop  Tutu, I for one am honored.


what is this guy talking

by zebel20 on

what is this guy talking about, go and help your own kind and the poeple of africa, with all that gold, dimond, oil and agriculture lands, you are the most poor nations of the world, if thats a kind of democracy you want for us no thank you.  as i said animals dont die out of hunger in africa but humans are so, i personally dont care about your views


Long live humanity

by Majid on


بعد از سالیان سال که به ناحق اسم ایرانی با تروریسم عجین شده بود ناگهان.......... چه دوران امیدوار کننده و فرح بخشی!

تلاش میکردیم که متقاعد کنیم که «ما مردم ایران تروریست نیستیم بلکه خودمان زخم خوردهء تروریسم دولتی هستیم »، بالاخره وجدان بیدار ملت ها به جوش اومد که........ما همگی «بنی آدمیم» و حساب مردم از حساب دولتها جداست.

Darius Kadivar

Jesus ... Donyayee Shod Een Ghazeeyeh ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

With Madonna. U2, Googoosh, Aghdashloo, Robert Redford and now Desmond Tutu ...

If with ALL this Support we Don't Make it through the Rain ? ...

Then Deegheh Kheily Bee Orzeh Hasteem ! ...