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Israel gets their bombing in before the January 20th hope and change deadline :o)


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Hey Anon??

by Anonymouszzzzzzzz (not verified) on

The more pop culture and stupidity the west trys to instill in that region's youth, the more you will see the iron fundamentalism and what you call tyrany grow there, and eventually aborad if we keep up with the Bush and Omert or netenyahoo type diplomacy.

The fact is if the west really gave a damn about justice and democracy, they would stop selling their old military arsenal the moment they develop new weapons.


He is not the only anti war

by A n o n (not verified) on

He is not the only anti war Jew. There are anti war demonstrations by the Jews all over the world including in Israel. There are many Jewish and Israeli groups helping Palestinians with food and medical services, in spite the radical groups like Hamas.

This is democracy; people have different approaches to solving the same problems. Unlike the totalitarian religious fundamentalist tyranny; which forces either the “Imam’s way” or no way.

Hamas a radical Iranian backed religious fundamentalist like Hezbollah needs to be dismantled to save Palestine. Like the Hezbollah in Iran needs be dismantled to save Iran.

The only peaceful means of dismantling the Islamic religious fundamentalism is by the secular and moderate forces within the Islamic societies.


Bravo Jon! Finally 1 Am-jew dared to speak up against Israel!

by gol-dust on

Zion, where are you when we need you to open your big mouth? Finally one turned out to be a human who loves another human who happend to be arab? Jon is the reason that we shouldn't stereoptype! God bless him! I am gonna start watching his show!  jon


Do these people have no shame?

by ghalam-doon on

I loved the analogies, especially the ones made by Bloomberg. Do these people have no shame? What is that they're so afraid of? Are Zionists so powerful in the US that can break them?

Even Jon Stewart had to be very careful. I guess he's already been labelled as a "self-hating" Jew.



A great guy

by Faramarz2004 (not verified) on

I like John Stewart even more now that he's mocked the hypocrisy of the pro-Zionist media. It seems like he's the only major figure willing to speak up against this atrocity. You can bet that he'll be getting a lot of shit from the Zionist lobby for this program.


This is the first time I see an American personality condemning

by Observer (not verified) on

Israel's bombardment of Palestinians in Gaza. This is also the first time I see anybody to criticize United States' politicians for their support of Israel. Now this is somebody who is swimming against the current. So I like to think there maybe some hope for change here in America. By the way there's a riot in progress on the streets of Oakland for the death of a 19 years old black boy by the police. He was shot in cold blood. Times are achanging.


Go Jon Stewart

by farrad02 on

Fairness is paramount!


just another antisemite making Israel look bad

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

by talking truth!

(where is Zion?)


The Jester...

by Ajam (not verified) on

In the old days of monarchy, when no one dared to speak of the sensitive issues in public or in the presense of his/her majesty, it was the good ole Jester who was tolerated in his mention of the taboo issue -- albeit in an amusing manner! In the latent police states such as the U.S. too, the Jester is the only one who dares to speak up the taboo!


Desi jan

by IRANdokht on

I thought you were kidding!! 




Forget the daily show guys.

by desi on

Forget the daily show guys.  We now have a much more thorough coverage of the Mideast events:)



this man is brilliant

by Princess on

hahahaha "it's the moebius strip of issues, there is only one side!!" 


The last 20 seconds of this

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

The last 20 seconds of this segment blows the israeli argument sky high.. you cant force the guy to live in your hallway, then act like a poor old innocent lady with a Kalishnikov, when he tries to slap you, and empty your clip into the man as he does so claiming self defense. The man has every right to kill you to get out.

But really, Im getting tired of the Gaza Israeli conflict, too much attention is being given to this on this site. Lets get informed about other conflicts as well please, if you have such videos..

Thank you..



by capt_ayhab on

I love this guy,,,,,,,,,, not that way ha, lol

capt_ayhab [-YT]


Jon Stewart rules!

by IRANdokht on

He is the only one who dares speak up. How sad is it that our only accurate/uncensored news comes from Comedy Central!!
I've always been impressed by Jon Stewart.



Not to forget...

by Saman on

He is also Jewish. He's a smart, host, funny, fair and brilliant human being.



Jon Stewart....

by ahvazi on

Ironically he is one of the few american journalist who has mentioned the Palestinian side of the story.