Time to choose

A dialogue not with the mullah regime, but with the Iranian people

Time to choose
by Tina Ehrami

On February 5th, Prince Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah of Iran, presented his new book of interviews taken by the French journalist Michel Taubmann. The title ‘Iran: The Deciding Hour’ describes the political position of Iran at the crossroads.

In order to solve the Iranian crisis, Reza Pahlavi appeals to the international community and especially to Europe. Between the option of the never ending negotiations and a military attack he prescribes a third option, namely the support of the Iranian democratic movement and a dialogue with the Iranian people.

The son of the late Shah exposes his vision of a different Iran which is democratic, secular and integrated in the international community. This includes a project to accomplish a society capable of answering to the aspirations of the Iranian people, the foundation of a democratic parliamentary regime in which the constitution is founded on the universal principles of human rights, the establishment of a nation guaranteeing the liberty of all, a national reconciliation like the model of South Africa, and finally the separation of state and religion.

Prince Reza Pahlavi proposes a democratic process that will lead to a new constitution with which the Iranian people can choose their form of new regime by referendum (parliamentary monarchy or a parliamentary republic).

In order to solve the Iranian crisis, Prince Reza Pahlavi launches an appeal to the international community and especially to Europe.

Between the option of the never ending negotiations of which only the Islamic Republic profits and a military option, that will only have dramatic consequences for the region and the world, there is a third option, less costly and more legitimate: the support of the Iranian democratic forces and not a dialogue with the mullah regime, but with the Iranian people.


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To Majid Jan

by Hirad Jan (not verified) on

And I got four words for you:

none of your business.

He has as much right to Iran as you and I.

You don't approve of him it is your prerogative but it is not your place to tell him what to do as it is not my place to ask you to approve of him.


To Mr Reza and all other fellow Iranians

by Majid Jan (not verified) on

Maybe you Forgot Mr. Reza or you were to young to understand what was going on, Revolution took place at 1979 and people voted for the "Islamic" government. That means your family retired and you can go ahead and find yourself another career like everyone else. as a matter of fact I don't like you at all and I STRONGLY DISAGREE THAT YOU REPRESNT THE IRANIANS, IRANIAN NATION OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH IRAN. I have three words for you : LET IT GO!



by capt_ayhab on

Me? Complaining?

I beg the differ, I have no complaints what so ever. Pahlavi's record of treason is crystal clear to me, specially Reza joon's, as it is to anyone else.

For a guy[Reza Pahlavi] who gets in bed with AIPAC, Likud and Mojahedine Khalgh, who sells out Iran, for few years in throne[wishful thinking], and then writes a book or two on his vision of democracy[don't make me laugh] needs no help from anyone to show his true nature.

Like the proverb says, Like Father, Like son


capt_ayhab [-YT]

P/S my take on his interview is that he is more intrested in SELLING his book, than freedom for Iran. Tell him keep writing, he might sell few copies. ;-)


Dear Mr. Kadivar

by Fatollah (not verified) on

As someone pointed out earlier on this thread, why tire yourself? IR can not be reformed, the same goes for some of the people on this blog. I noticed how civilized! some of the people acted with childish arguments and presumably from educated lot like the Ostad himself! Not sure whether I wanted to cry or outlaugh, though I chose the latter! :)

Regrads Fatollah

Darius Kadivar

RP Gets Fatwa like Rushdie but Has to excuse for Book Cover ?

by Darius Kadivar on

RP and his entire Family are subject to a Fatwa like Salman Rushdie has been all these years although in the case of Rushdie Khatami I believe had asked to cancel it but it was renewed by another cleric. In the Case of Our Royal Family like for most opponents such as Bakhtiar who also had his face on the book cover, The Fatwa Remains. So What Are you complaining about ? Propoganda or Book Promotion ? All Political Books have their author on the cover. You want a few names ? Shirine Ebadi: Iran Awakening ( WIth Tchador), Barak H. Obama: The Audacity of Hope, Shapour Bakhtiar: Ma Fidelite ( no more available), Bill Clinton: My Life, Hillary Clinton:Living History etc, etc ...

You want more examples ? 

Some Logic Indeed ...

Anniversary of Rushdie book fatwa (bbc)


Hi I'm a Monarchist!

by Dumb Monarchist (not verified) on

If you are against Reza Pahlavi, you are, by default, a supporter of the regime in Iran. Shame on you! If you don't support Reza Pahlavi then you are dumb. And if you are a woman with opinions that do not support Reza Pahlavi the Great Genius Freedom Activist since Nelson Mandela, then you are a dumb woman who should go to jail in IRI.

Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza Reza

Idiots are too dumb to know that Reza is The Messiah for Iran and the only choice.

Monarchists are not digging holes for themselves. They are very successful (as you can see by who is ruling Iran today).

Kaveh Nouraee

To "an observer"

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I read your "PS" and noticed the same thing as well.

I can only conclude that it's because there are women out there, even Iranian women, with absolutely zero self-esteem who sub-consciously want to be treated like second class trash.

It's a very sad phenomenon, but one that unfortunately exists.


Darius stop being so dense

by Stop Kidding Yourself Darius (not verified) on

Of course no one disagrees that IRI is bad. The problem is that Reza, enjoying the freedom and luxury of life in America, pretends to be toiling like a South African freedom activist. He would be a good restaurant critic. But I think he's opposed to employment of any kind.

The cover of this "book" is also very obviously propaganda. His face, HIS FACE, is next to Iran. He is not a serious "alternative". The Iranian people are good enough thank you. This man is a phony.



by An observer (not verified) on

Dear DK; please do not tire yourself out convincing these folks.

I am not trying to be judgmental but based on my observation in the last few weeks, 98 perscent of posters on this Website are for the regime, in one form or another.

They might even agree with you here and there but the bottomline is that they DO NOT want this regime gone and resort to 1001 excuses to convince you to want the same.

p.s. have you noticed the increasing number of female aliases all supportive of the regime in spite of the fact that the biggest victims of this regime were/are/will be women?! I leave that to your own judgment as to why so.

Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab ????

by Darius Kadivar on

So What are you complaining about ? 

That is exactly What RP is trying to do: Toppling them ! And Holding Free Elections After ...

Anyway Got to go. Have a Nice Weekend nevertheless.





by capt_ayhab on

You are kind perhaps in calling IR a  Theocratic Dictatorship, but they are nothing more than bunch of genocidal criminals.

you do not run an election campaign against bunch of criminals do you? That is my point. 

capt_ayhab [-YT]


I prefer to look for Hasan Kachal

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kadivar, I already answered your question, I rather look for a Hasan Kachal than settle with Reza2 the puppet.
Now, can you answer my question without answering my question with a question!?

Darius Kadivar

Anonym7 Maybe you Prefer ...

by Darius Kadivar on


I don't See how in a Democratic Iran he could be a puppet of foreign powers for it will be the choice of the People to elect their government. Or You think that the CIA and Mossad will be pointing a Gun on your Head before Casting Your Vote in the Ballot Box ?

Get Serious ! 

Even Amir Abbas Entezam the Longest detained Political Prisoner in Iran and one of the Architects of the Islamic Revolution is supporting the idea of a Referandum and said he would not oppose a Restoration of the Monarchy if the people chose it democratically. Does That Make him an Agent of America and Israel Too ?

Here is the Proof from Masoud Kazemzadeh Blog:

Amirentezam: On reactions to letter to U.N. Secretary General

"In my proposal for referendum, I declared that if the Iranian people within the framework of free, fair, and democratic elections, chose the system of clerical rule, I will accept the vote of the people, and continue my civil struggles for the establishment of a democratic republic. Based on the same logic, I believe that the supporters of constitutional monarchy have the same rights as those of all others including to be present in Iran’s political scene as long as they, in theory and in actual practice, accept principles and basics of democracy, the right of the people to determine their own destiny, progress, justice, and territorial integrity of Iran. Abridgment of the political activities of citizens is an emergency matter that can only be justified within the framework of the rule of law created democratically and to the extent that it would express a national consensus, and even this abridgment could only be justified temporarily.

As a regular citizen, and in the name of defending democracy and human rights, I will defend, with all my being, all the citizens of Iran regardless of their religious, cultural, and political preferences; and will be willing to pay any cost to defend the rights of those with whom I politically disagree. In order to institutionalize the democratic rules of the game, I do not regard paying any price as too heavy. Even if any Iranian citizen would support constitutional monarchy, monarchy, socialist republic or any other form of political system, on the condition that it would not be in contradiction to the basics and standards of human rights, I will defend their civil and political rights with all my life and fortune."

More Here:


He even honors Cyrus the Great !

But Then Again I guess we are ALL TRAITORS In Your Book !

Kaveh Nouraee

What is the big deal?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

So, Reza Pahlavi wrote a book. Why is that in and of itself so offensive to some people? Especially if they haven't even taken the time to read a word of it!

What is it that Reza is saying that is so wrong? Is it wrong for him to say that there should be fair elections with transparency in Iran?

All I've heard him say is that the Iranian people should be allowed to decide upon the form of government based upon their individual preference as indicated by their vote, without interference, without any type of cohersion, without someone looking over your shoulder.

Start with a clean sheet of paper and go from there.

Honestly, it's the best idea anybody has had in 30 years.


an Israeli/American owned prince?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

So Kadivar, the bottom line is that you are fine with an Israeli/American owned prince (Reza2)?

Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab YES !

by Darius Kadivar on

Doesn't Any Candidate in an Election do the same ? So the Answer is YES ! Of Course ! Its a FAIR FIGHT after all ! All the More that this is not about an Election but Regime Change. Unless of course you are satisfied with this regime which is a Theocratic Dictatorship.  

Who are you to fight in an Arena ? Your Own Mother and Family ?

Clearly You have Not even bothered to read his book!

Read the Book First

Then Go through the interviews I gathered for your information and scrutinize it with your critical eye :


Then bring up in all fairness the Arguments that seem to you as Treason or against the Principles of Democracy and Human Rights.

After all that is his political program delivered in full transparency for all to judge.

RP has been supportive of Shirine Ebadi and all who are at odds with him politically without expecting their endorsment either. He is not even asking for the Crown. In his conference in Paris he clearly said My role is not to give Moralistic Lessons to the Iranian people on what is right or what is wrong, on whether the Revolution was a mistake or if they should feel guilty about having participated to it. He just says that it did not deliver a democratic society nor respond to the legitimate democratic aspirations of the people and instead set back the progressive Social Rights acquired under his fathers reign. He held his father responsible for the crimes commited under his reign too. VERY CLEARLY and UN AMBIGUOUSLY !

Which Son would dare go as far as he did in this book in regard to his own father ? I wonder !

Certainly Not the leaders in Power today nor their own sons !

As I said BAKHTIAR WOULD SUPPORT RP a 100 %, La Preuve :








by capt_ayhab on

You mean to tell me that the only way Reza Pahlavi can have any credibility is to compare himself to bunch of ruthless criminals?

please man, you are smarter than that.


capt_ayhab [-YT]

Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab Rule of Law ...

by Darius Kadivar on

In A Lawless Country like Iran, the answer is YES ! And Double YES !

He like EveryOne of Us is above these Islamic Laws and Political Fatwas. Your Allegations of "Treason" Are No different. Treason Towards What ? This Kind of Society and Justice deliverd to our countrymen ? :

Then Add me To Your Traitors List Too ...

Unless of course you believe in the Legitimacy of the Fatwa. But if you are a Believer then I would even add that the Islamic Republic is Illegitimate in the Eyes of GOD/ALLAH/JEHOVA/ZARATHUSTRA United.


Those who Kill and Murder in the Name of God are Commiting Blasphemy at best, NOT Justice !

I consider Anyone including Reza Pahlavi, who opposes the Regime by Calling for Non Violent Civil Dissobedience and Spreads the Word on the sufferings of my compatriots, as a PATRIOT by ALL Means !

This is Exactly what he says to his own supporters CONTRARY TO WHAT You guys keep claiming. He Keeps insisiting DON'T BE TRIGGER HAPPY and DON'T SEEK REVENGE !

Interview on France Info : Rza Pahalvi say's I quote  "An Attack on Iran would be a Tragic Disaster and miscalculation that would ONLY HURT the IRanian People and Iran's civil Society" :


Recent Interview on Radio Iran ( Farsi )Paris:






If It Depended On Me, However I would not hesitate to call for Revenge and Justice after ALL The Horrendous Crimes that the Islamic Republic has been doing to my people and which You guys keep finding excuses and apologies for and doesn't stip you to sleep comfortably at night.  Lucky for You Guys I am Not in the shoes of Reza Pahlavi ...

Keep On Nagging my Friend







by capt_ayhab on

Just tell me since when truth has become character assassination?I did not realize Reza Pahlavi had ANY character anyways. ;-)

It has become a requirement to scrutinize the track record of any high ranking public official, unless Reza Pahlavi has already placed himself above the law.

If so, who and what gave him the authority to do so? Is it his birth right? 

His birth right was abdicated by his father when he ESCAPED[for the Nth time] the country and let her to be ruined.

Thanks but no thanks

capt_ayhab [-YT]


Ok Kadivar!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Who cares that we can't agree on the prince, he is irrelevant anyway. I like your video clips specially 'ma librte de penser' ... I don't care for Reza2 and camp, but vive l'Kadivar, the good Knight.



by capt_ayhab on

I do remeber the story, and thanks for the laughter.

As Mr/Ms Anony7 said, you do deserve the name Ostaad. I swear Ostaad, any kind of [kachal, koor, shal, gorazeh] will be better than Reza Pahlavi. I do not mean to rant and rave again, but Pahlavi's, all three generations of it, best thing they know is to RUN and HIDE.

Do not take me wrong, but as i have said dozens of time, I hold more respect for Hoveyda, and the generals who stayed behind and got killed, than any Pahlavi put together. At least those people were MAN enough to accept consequence of their actions and stay loyal to the country[in their own way].

Can any one of these shah parasts claim the same thing about Reza Mirpanj, Mohammad Reza or this latest jewel Reza NimPahlavi?

I say NOT................


capt_ayhab [-YT]

P/S has anyone read the book titled [Khaterate Allam]?

Darius Kadivar

Problem with Hasan Kachal's is they are too sensitive ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

In addition they come in two different EVIL sizes ...


Just Like Zahak with Two Snakes on each shoulder ...

In Addition imagine the headache for Parliament when they will raise two different taxes or pass two different royal decrees each time ...

Nope I prefer to Trust Rostam, Zal and Kaveh Ahanghar's Instincts ... 


And Resist the Temptation of the Deeve  ...



baba velesh koneen.....

by ehsan2 (not verified) on

this is exactly why iran is so messed up.....while it's been burning for 30 years under the dirty hands of the mullahs, we are all arguing and pointing fingers....
why do we bash anyone who disagrees with us????
reza has a legit point of view and he should have a chance to run, just like anyone else...
democracy means everyone should be able to participate....only if we were a little MOTAHED!


Kadivar, let's find a Hasan Kachal!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kadivar says: "Gentlemen It is Indeed a Time To Choose ! ..."

Kadivar-e azeez, I've made the Choice! I am with you! However, since you want to remain a Knight, let's find a Hasan Kachal for king .... let's embark on a glorious journey to find a new prince that is not owned by the enemies!


Choose what? This is not choice. This is a male Sarah Palin.

by Darius is Divaneh (not verified) on

So darius - suddenly it's a time to choose? Why NOW? Where has Reza the Droopy Head been all this time? The Bahamas?

It's all so convenient, given Reza's friendly contacts with Israelis - which has been published over and over.

Now all that innocent suspicion aside, why the hell are we presented with Reza as a choice? What the hell has he done to deserve even being a choice? He's like Sarah Palin. Empty Suit and embarrassing.

Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab [-YT] aka Pompey-Brutus and Co. ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

"Et Tu Brute ?" -  Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare  

Gentlemen It is Indeed a Time To Choose ! ... 


Or Perish and be buried with your limitless Treacherous Diatribe of Character Assassinations that have lasted 30 years long  ...





An idea

by shirazie (not verified) on

He can pick Zion as his VP and run in Israeli elections.

They will the outsiders and will break up the military junta that has been running Israeli


What campaign Soraya? He doesn't even have a college degree.

by Shirini (not verified) on

Hello. We want an educated leader or at the very least someone who has done something in his life. This guy built a disco in his basement and entertained. I nominate Bill Gates for the Shah of Iran. At least he's done something usefull in the past 30 yeasr.


Prince and the Revolution

by Soraya (not verified) on

I think Pricne and the Revolution would be a great slogan for your campaign.


Dr. Yes

by Mammad on

Nice barking. Keep it up.