Anatomy of a revolution

Aljazeera TV documentary

Shaul Bakhash, Hedayat Matin Daftari, Hashem Sabaghian, among many others from Shah and Khomein era share their views:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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Simply depressing ...

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Simply depressing ...


Mehdi is a 100% right. This was a foreign-Induced Revolution!

by Anonymous! (not verified) on

It is clear that this so-called revolution was induced by foreign powers. This report is highly biased. Mehdi is 100% about BBC. Most of of the people interviewed were against the Shah's government. The worst of them all was Yazdi who was a CIA puppet, traveling from Houston, where he lived, to Washington frequently! Maybe he can expalain why!
If the reason for the "revultion" was lack of freedom and extreme discontent, why is it that nothing is happening now that things are much worse? More totures, more executions, much worse economy, etc, etc?
Where is Carter to demand that Iran give more freedom?
My family know some British people in Iran. A few years before the "revultion" they were telling us that Iranian getting were getting too proud and arrogant, and soon they will be under chadors! Again, this was a few years before the revolution!



by ali123 (not verified) on

I'm definitely not a monarchist, but give me a break!
at least give the poor shah a little credit...he had a lot of issues, but anyone who has an ounce of fairness admits that he was a true patriot- his father was even more- can u even fathom were the heck iran would be without reza shah??? can u imagine what a bigger dump iran would be if these dirty akhoonds had taken over in the 1930s and carried out the brits plans then?????!
you talk about class and all- there was no middle class before the pahlavis, with the oil being a fraction of the price iran's GDP grew exponentially during the late 60s and u know what the akhoonds have done with a trillion dollars since 79???? where the hell is the money?- u should ask rafsanjani, hamas, hezbollah, and go talk to the dirty swiss bankers who safeguard the mullahs' stolen wealth!
shah was definitely a weak ruler who definitely depended on the west for help, but the guy had a vision for iran- not for islam or the arab terrorists- the akhoonds don't give a crap about iran or its people-
give credit where its due!

Darius Kadivar

APRIL FOOLS DAY : 1st of April 1979 ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

its the official date of the creation of the Islamic Republic. What an Irony ? ...

HighWay To Hell: AC/DC Concert 1979:


Darius Kadivar

No Mention of Shapour Bakhtiar's Government ?

by Darius Kadivar on

An Overall Good Documentary but it forgot to mention Shahpour Bakhtiar's government formation ...

But I find it to be a very good documentary.


Khomeini to many of us

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

specially in western part of Iran is a symbol of racism. He brought us nothing but misery. In iranian Kurdistan he is seen as fascist whom committed genocide against Iranian Kurds. Hopefully one day Iran will be a nation where all of us will live in peace.


It's so sad to see otherwise intelligent people

by Q on

be so far removed from reality.

Of course it was the people who overthrew the Shah. People can do anything if they believe in themselves and that's what Khomeini gave people (there were lots of other leaders too).

I believe a big part of the increadibly sad disconnect with Iranian expats is the issue of class. Shah's propaganda targeted the wealthy and the intellectuals and for the most part went right over the heads of ordinary Iranians who were poor and rural. Shah never pentetrated the majority of Iranians. He had no tools to get to them. All the CIA supplied tools of control didn't know how to reach those people. Khomeini could it through a well-established network of mosques, and Shah couldn't that's the bottom line.

Of course the class of Iranians who ended up coming to America was from the class that was most profoundly affected by Shah's intelligence apparatus. Above all else they were led to believe in Shah's cult of personality and to be passive observes of the political process. That's what you had to do to maintain your status under the Pahlavi dictatorship.

No wonder they don't understand that the masses of people are capable of anything. Anything at all if they believe in themselves.

Look at Soviet Union Mehdi, who had more tanks and guns? A tin-pot third world yes-man dictator like Pahlavi or the Kremlin?


Down with islam

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

No [1] enemy is islam in Iran.


This is a very false report

by Mehdi on

I like the link truthteller provided. That is a great video and it brings up very important points. Shah, as he himself admits, never figured out who exactly was behind it, but the so-called revolution was not the work of Khomeini or even people in general. Propaganda expert had been put to work to create a monstrous image of Shah and to present Khomeini and his people as angels and saints who were trying to save the country or even the world. BBC, for example, did a lot of work in this line. Khomeini was a completely unknown character before 1977. In about two years he went from being a complete nobody to being loved by almost 99% of Iranians! He had organized a massive movement which went ahead quite peacefully and systematically overthrew a well-established government with almost unlimited intelligence and military support of the West. Come on, do you really believe that?


I'm a little confused here !

by Majid on

What is the difference between these 2 ?


by Jamshid Niavarani IV (not verified) on


by Jamshid Niavarani IV (not verified) on

Two exact opposite points of view by the same person?


Dear Jamshid

by Jamshid Niavarani IV (not verified) on

You yourself seem severely are suffering from bipolarity. Please do seek help. I mean it.

You might as well already are aware of that.

Pahlavi's and other pan Iranist dynasties are the only reason that enables you standing among the top five developed immigrant nations in your beloved US.
And top of that, we still are far civilized than any other nations in our native region where your plague is rooted from, despite having you and your ancestor infection for centuries around, particularly last three decades.

By the way, your alias Persian name won't be having any psychological effect on real Iranians. Having a pc and acting nouveau riche does not make Iranians go; Wow, a posh pro islamist entity!! Go do your clowning on your effing imam's tombstone, then go on tour and finish your circus in saudi at effing mammad grave.

This is a mirror. Do you recognize yourself? I bet the answer is; Not. A blind eye has more sight than your eyes, soul and brain combined.

To others;
Can anyone name a house of monarch or ruling system that was/is not living a luxury life? Even communists were doing that for god sake. We even let akhoonds doing that!! Why nobody makes a documentary on the 20k UK pounds(tax money) annual dry cleaning expenses of queen elizabeth to begin with?
If Pahlavi's killed thousands in half a century, how many did kill islam in just a week? Remember summer 1365, winter 1357, etc etc? How many nations were wiped out by european colonists? We really need to open our eyes and avoid sheepingly repeat whatever a documentary or two books tell us.
Ruling a developing country is far more sophisticated than we even can imagine that. Particularly in a country like Iran, with countless foes and a handful friends, in the past, present and future. This is what we need to hack into our brains and never forget it. Not to mention the fellow Iranians who act Iranian but are our worst enemies.


The anti-Shah propaganda is

by truthteller (not verified) on

The anti-Shah propaganda is mind boggling, only in the sense that it has been so effective and enduring after thirty years despite all the documentation to the contrary. See the following interview with the Shah where he believes as a fact that there were $250 million spent to overthrow him. Who provided that huge amount of money in 1978, in real Dollars that is equivalent to $4 billion today.



The problem was shah

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its interesting to be nostalgic about the past, certainly many people are worst off and some even paid the ultimate price. The torture and imprisoning of opposition is more than ever, but thats it all of these illegal activities started in Shah's regime, Shah closed the papers, tortured, executed opposition and corruption. In fact a great saying is that Khomeini was the crown prince. But whatever Iran is under heavy pressure and may be attacked, so just put aside your views and lift a finger for your relatives.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

All I know is......

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I wish I was living in my home country. I wish the people who bitch about "akhoonds" would stop blaming and do something if they are so angry.

I wish that half-balled king of Iran had done a better job. Hard to care for "my people" and "great nation" when you have one foot in the grave HUH?

Oh well. No biggie. Glorious wonder has overtaken Iran in the name of religion. Iran's leaders have always been successful at failing in protecting and helping Iranians. Seems like we hate each other no matter what. What a sad people we are. I'm so glad we have Zion here to make us like Israel, at least. Hooray for Tel Aviv and the sexy Israeli men who serve in the army. Basij = bad. IDF = safe, secure yummy people. 

Ekh. Hate religion. Hate Jerusalem. Just blow it up already.



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

What did we all learn from this after watching Omar's amazing documentary?

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

"There were no freedoms 'back then'".

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Wow, really? Hmmm...


Ali 123 you make no sense

by Jamshid Niavarani IV (not verified) on

Imam Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomayni served 1 and only 1 purpose for Iran. The 1st Spiritual leader of Iran ended the antiquated despotic and barbaric system called the monarchy.

The Pahlavis were barbarians. They will forever rot in hell.

In January 1979 the Shah fled the country. In 1980 the Shah died of Cancer. The Shah died an Egyptian Citizen.

It is high time that Iranians everywhere accept that fact. I knew the Shah personally and the Shah was an idiot.

I feel that Farah Diba was tricked into marrying the Shah. Farah Diba is Tabrizi. Farah shouldn't have married a womanizer, sexist pig, like the Shah.

The Shah was a bisexual. Two of the men mentioned to be the Shah's lovers were Alam and Ernest Perron. Ernest Perron was a Swiss Citizen who returned from Switzerland with the Shah.

The Shah drank alcoholic drinks yet said he said he spoke to the Shia Muslim Messiah, Imam Mahdi.

The Shah visited Imam Reza's Shrine in Mashad at least once a year.

The Shah was a nut.

Psychiatric problems are genetic in the Pahlavi family.

I just don't understand why these pro-Pahlavi people exist.

Someone must be paying them to write such pro-pahlavi garbage.

It's been 30 years...maybe, the money they stole from Iran has finished.

Maybe, it's Reza and Ali Reza Pahlavi that are posting pro-pahlavi stuff on this site.

Farahnaz is too intelligent to write this crap.

I would conclude that it was Shaban "the brain less" Jafari but, that guy died in L.A. and he was on Food Stamps, Medi-Cal and Welfare since 1979 in the United States.

Maybe, it's Ardishir Zahedi. No that guy is too busy being gay. Ardishir Zahedi is being molested by a Frenchman.

Maybe, it's Ashraf Pahlavi. No, she is 89 years old and she has gone senile.

Maybe, it's some loser who was the Shah's secretary's son. Maybe...

Where do they grow such losers?

May God deliver psychiatric medication to all pro-pahlavi people. They really need their head's checked.

Allahooo Akbar and eat some Chelo Kabob Barg.

And God Bless America.



by While You areat it (not verified) on

Might as well blame killing all others such as Golsorkhi's, Rezaii's, Khiabani's, Takhti's, etc on Aghoonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a life man!


makes you mad....

by ali123 (not verified) on

to see that SOB akhoond ruin our beautiful homeland and kill all those innocent officers and brave souls.....
they burned 400 innocent people in abadan and tried to blame it on the shah!!!
I hope god has the burners on high in hell....because these lowlives deserve to be cooked forever!