Martial law?

Heavy security presence in Tehran

December 31, 2009:


Iran zamin

Seems like mousavi legitimised ajmadi's gov. Screw all of them

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It looks like scene of

by Bavafa on

It looks like scene of Palestinian cities with the Israeli soldiers waiting to crush who ever that speaks up against brutality, tyranny or fascist like behavior. Both countries are under siege and occupation by a brutal regime



Undeclared Martial Law!

by Khar on

Stay Tuned...



by masoudA on

The military buildup may have something to do with the Jan 1 deadline.   IR wants to tell the world how prepared they are.   Dame Bush garm, he called Iranians hostages in the hands of IRR - now you know joe right he was.  

PS - a note to the liberal fools - Yes Bush could not pronounce nukilar!!!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

statira re: "Vala piam dar"

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


That was Farhad in Vahdat not Ferydoon Foroughi. Please do not muddy Fereydoon's name. I listen to all of his stuff and never found him to sing that song. Do you have any recording of that horrible song "Vala piam BS" by Foroughi ?




کمک کنید هولش بدین چرخ ولایت پنچره

تو کشور امام زمان  که علی  بجاش رهبره

 کمک کنید هولش بدین چرخ ولایت پنچره

یک ملت رشید سی ساله آزگاره که منتره

 کمک کنید هولش بدین چرخ ولایت پنچره

موتور سواری هاتون هم از آن کارهای ابتره  


I wish they would not use the word "Shahid" or martyr

by mahmoudg on

We have to break this cycle.  What do we expect, once we win this war with Ahriman, we are gonna call the people who died for this cause a martyr and put them on a pedestal and worship them.  Come on, then this is the same path we have taken in the past.  We iranians have to get outselves out of this mentality of death worship or worse dictator or one man worship.  Only then will we be able to carve a place in the civilized world for ourselves.  just as we had before Islam.

Shifteh Ansari

ABC: New Year's Eve Clashes in Streets of Iran

by Shifteh Ansari on

Pro-government militia called Basij spread out through the streets of Tehran on New Year's Eve today to discourage planned protests by opponents of the regime, clashing at times with peaceful marchers.
"These are the last efforts of a dying state in denial," one protester told ABC News after he had seen the city filled with security forces.
Haft-e-tir Square, a downtown Tehran shopping and transport hub, was full of people who gathered in discreet protest early in the day. Surrounded by government militia, the protesters were somewhat muted but the situation was tense, an eyewitness told ABC News.
A pro-green Web site, Jaras, reported that the situation had escalated and police had fired tear gas.
"Supporters of opposition leader (Mirhossein) Mousavi clashed with police in Haft-e-Tir Square and police fired two rounds of tear gas to disperse the protesters," the Jaras web site said.
A similar report on Twitter said the protesters had been attacked by security forces and the demonstrators retreated to back alleys.


I'm sure

by statira on

Hata een mozoorayeh adamkosh ehsase badi darand ke manfoore hameh shodand. As the Islamic communist singer, Fereydoon Foroghi sang: Vala piam dar Mohammad   Gofty ke yeh deyar hargez be zolmo jor nemimanad  barpa v ostovar! Hargez, hargez

Shifteh Ansari

امشب کفتارها گرسته به لانه بازگشتند

Shifteh Ansari

Someone wrote this:

داشتم بر می گشتم خونه همین نیم ساعت پیش بود ، تو راه یه چیزی حدود 200 تا موتور سوار دو ترکه ی مزدور رو دیدم که تو بارون عین موش آب کشیده شده بودند و با اسکورت چند تا ماشین سپاه در حالت بازگشت و البته دست از پا درازتر. طوری امروز نیرو آورده بودند هر کی نمیدونست ، فکر می کرد ارتش متفقین دوباره اومده تو ایران ، خوشحالم که به هر دلیلی باز هم امروز یکی دیگه از نقشه های کودتاچیان نقش بر آب شد ، خدا میدونه واسه ی امروز شب های قبل تو سرشون چه نقشه هایی کشیده بودند ، می خواستند خفتی که عاشورا متحمل شدند رو امروز تلافی کنند که نتونستند، با این که تجمع های پراکنده ای هم بود و خط مقدم رو خالی نگذاشتیم ولی شیران جنبش سبز این کفتارای گرسنه رو امروز غافلگیر کردند، همیشه حضور ما باعث پیروزی بود به لطف خدا امروز عدم حضور ما!  درود بر شهدای جنبش.