Street execution

VERY DISTURBING scene of a public hanging of five men in Iran

The information on the video claims that the persons executed in this clip are Iranian Kurdish students. There's no proof of that. What we are sure of is that they are human beings and no one deserves this. No one.



Capt. Ay-hab

by Sassan on

Writes: "Iran currently has 72% literacy rate[according to UN data base] why aren't we seeing YOUR phenomena occurring. Why aren't people turning away from Islam? According to your theory, 72% of Iranian populations should be non Muslim now . And could you kindly show me the citation as to how Christianity has been marginalized??"

Are you intentionally trying to sound illiterate to prove a point? I said, given the choice under a SECULAR educational system, over time Islam in Iran would become marginalized!

Do you consider the present system of Velayat-e-Faghigh a "secular" system??? Are you seriously that diluted with nonsense that you can't think straight?

In Iran today, we have an Islamic "orientation" in all aspects of society. They don't even teach history as it happened. It's all revisionism. Are you kidding me?! The books in grades 1-12 are completely biased and a source of propaganda. The brain-washing starts very early -- it succeeds with some and fails with others. Nonetheless, Islam and Islamification of the society, including the education system, is the order of the day!

There is no choice, no truth, no alternatives.

Does the present educational system in Iran accurately portray the glory of Iran's pre-Islamic past? Of course not! According to these jokers, pre-Islamic times were the age of ignorance. Does the present Islamic system give an accurate account of Cyrus the Great? Hell, no!  It's all Islam, Islamic heros, Islamic laws, Islamic holidays -- they even tried to eradicate Norouz early on, but failed miserably! As we speak, they're trying their best to drown out Persepolis and Pasargade under water!

Given the proper education in a "secular" system, Iranians will most CERTAINLY move away from this bedouin belief system that is the cult of Islam -- IT IS A CERTAINTY!

Most of us have never even cracked open the Quran to see what the hell is in there (I have read the beast cover to cover). We're all Muslims by birth, WITH NO CHOICE whatsoever! Most of us are either phony muslims or Islam bashers! Our Iranian society, with its love of life and hatred of Arabs and Islamism is the ideal breeding ground for an anti-religion backlash!

Given the choice in a secular system, Iranians will move away from the Islamic orientation in HUGE numbers -- if not openly, in private. After all, we're our true selves in private anyway! Of course, there will always be the die-hards, but even America and Europe have die-hard fanatics -- the greater majority, however, are predominantly non-religious. As I said, in a secular system, religion in Iran would become marginalized, not eradicated completely!

Even in the villages, this will eventually take place with the passage of time, because modernity: internet, cellphones, etc., will creep into village life as well, even if at a glacial pace.

And how do I know that Chrisitanity is marginalized in Europe? There was a recent study (if you're curious enough you'll find it on the web), which documented the fact that only 2% of Western Europeans go to church, whereas 40% of Americans go to church.

The American society, believe it or not, is far more religious than Europe, which has to do with the fact that America is a "frontier" society, and the church was for decades the uniting force that kept the population together and under control out on the frontiers of America. Of course, the liberal establishment is trying very hard to turn America into Europe, which is exactly where we're headed. 


Sassan's misrepresentation

by capt_ayhab on

There are few points in your comment I like to address. You stated that [If given an EDUCATED choice, which will happen in Iran over time with secularization of the education system (grades 1-12) as well as the universities, then Islam will become as marginalized in Iran as Christianity is in Western Europe, IF NOT MORE SO!!!]

Iran currently has 72% literacy rate[according to UN data base] why aren't we seeing YOUR phenomena occurring. Why aren't people turning away from Islam? According to your theory, 72% of Iranian populations should be non Muslim now . And could you kindly show me the citation as to how Christianity has been marginalized?? HINT: Judaism is part of the governance system of state of Israel, isn't it?

According to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the World Christian Database as of 2007 estimated the six fastest growing religions of the world to be Islam (1.84%), the Bahá'í Faith (1.7%), Sikhism (1.62%), Jainism (1.57%), Hinduism (1.52%), and Christianity (1.32%). Needless to say that some of this growth is due to high birth rate in some Muslim countries, WHICH has leveled off to the world population growth rate in 2009.


You stated[The only difference is that in our tortured country, we've had Islam SHOVED DOWN our throats by unholy Islamic mullahs for a 1,000!]

This could not be farther from the truth, Iran unlike other conquered countries, accepted the teaching of Islam voluntarily over a long period of time, due to their  dissatisfaction with the corruption within Zoroastrian Monks[Moghs], who had, for all practical purposes taken over Sassanian Empire causing the government weakness. 

There are two differing view on history of Islam and Persians: Some Muslim historians have long offered the idea that Persia, on the verge of the Arab invasion, was a society in decline and decay and thus it embraced the
invading Arab armies with open arms.

However some other authors have for example used exclusively Arab sources to illustrate that "contrary to the claims of Muslim apologists, Iranians in fact fought long and 
hard against the invading Arabs. This view furthermore holds that, once politically conquered, the Persians began engaging in a culture war of resistance and succeeded in forcing their own ways on the Arabs.

When you say Islam has been SHOVED down our throat, all you are doing is belittling Iranians and our culture, language, and identity.

In case of Iran, you are confusing two different viewpoints. Islamization vs Arabization. Iran due to her rich and powerful culture never became Arab by adopting their culture and language., as was  the case of Egypt and some other countries.

Finally you note[ Islamists always try to confuse the issue......]

Dear sir, your confusion arises from your deep hatred and lack of proper historical knowledge about Iran and Islam, nothing else.


Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

After years of self-contemplation and prayers from the heart to know the truth, I have come to this basic realisation:

That then it was their time (Ali, Mohammad, Hussain, Christ, Moses, etc) and now it is our time. Therefore it is up to us to fashion life as we know it according to the norms and history currently available to us, including cyberspace, et al.

Their carried the torch thus far. What we do with it is up to us, you, me and them??? the rest of humanity currently living.

However, truth always remains unblemished. There is a quote in the Bible: "Let the dead be with the dead and the living with the living".


Ahmed from Bahrain


Ahmed Bahrain

by Sassan on

Writes: "But Iranians are braver than that. You will have your country back. I know that. Your history far exceeds Islam and Arab culture. It is rich with poetry of the heart. It will surmount."

Well said. I hope you're right. And I appreciate that you phrase your quote by Hussain as "he is reported to have said." At least you leave a tiny room for the possibility that he may not have said such things. Most muslims I know speak of Hussein and Ali and the rest in a way as if they were 20th century figures, and thus, were privy to all their sayings, which is terribly annoying!

Good luck to you.

Ahmed from Bahrain

American Dream

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Yes, I do speak Farsi fluently and write it, as I do Arabic also. I was brought up in a Shiite home but most of the time we gathered together to recite Persian poetry; musha'ereh.

As for Hussain going to Karbala to wage war, quoted by the previous post, one has to wonder why did he carry his family including babies, women and children to the battlfield? It does not make sense or he must have been a simpleton.

Consider this too: How come he first sent his emissary before him bearing a contract which laid down terms of a peace treaty. His man: Muslim ibn Aqeel was murdered in his hotel room in Baghdad by Yazid. He is known in Shiite liturgy as the first shaheed of Karbala, during which time Hussain and his clan were on the way thinking that Yazid will accept his offer and bringing his family was to show his intent. The army was gathered after Aqeel's murder.

In effect Hussain did what his brother Hassan did before him: To extend the peace treaty between ahle bayt and the then ruling dynasty but since many swore allegiance to him on the way, it was seen as a major threat to the seat of government. The rest is history. The man had to fight to save his family. You could say he was an idiot for not reading into the political situation but I think he knew but was not expecting extreme barbarism against his folk and he did ask for the women and children to be set free. This request of his was denied by Yazid.

All this is open to discussion. Today we face the same situation in Iran. This regime is dressed in Islamic garb but knows nothing about justice or compassion.

Consider Hussain's lecture to the people of Iraq in which he is reported to have said: If you do not fight along my side in support of Islam then do so in support of your own freedom.

He was talking about freedom from oppression and bondage which incidentally almost all Arab countries have never been able to break from. We are all ruled by self appointed kings and sheiks, and if we utter a word of opposition, we too are locked up and the key thrown away, as four of my own cousins suffered; one for 5 years without a trace or trial or right to a lawyer.

This is the same regime today in Bahrain that sits with Americans and sips gin and tonic in private embassy parties whilst planning more controls over the poor public and their resources. And the American government talks about democracy when more than 40 years ago we were being persecuted for wanting the same and writing to them. Nothing has changed today.

But Iranians are braver than that. You will have your country back. I know that. Your history far exceeds Islam and Arab culture. It is rich with poetry of the heart. It will surmount.

Choose the path of non-violence.

Thank you.


Ahmed from Bahrain

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Iran inmates 'tortured to death' - says Karubi (an Israeli !)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Iran's defeated opposition presidential candidate has said that some protesters held after last month's disputed poll were tortured to death in prison.

The claim by Mehdi Karroubi comes days after he said a number of prisoners, both male and female, had been raped.


American Dream

Sassan, you misunderstood the statistics

by American Dream on

Several years ago the vatican said that the Muslim population has surpassed the population of Catholics in the world.  Roman Catholocism is the largest as far as population of Christians in the world.

The Nazi party is a political party.  Your argument doesn't make sense.

Islam is a religion.

What is your argument?

 whereas Muslims have a warrior in Muhammad, Ali, and Hussein -- all men of war with huge amounts of blood on their hands!

When Mohammad returned to Mecca be gave a public amnesty to his enemies.  

It seems your knowledge of Islam is limited.

Hussein died in Iraq fighting for the oppressed like Jesus did in front of Pontus Pilot.

And during Ali's caliphate all wars were started by others.

What the history of Arabia 1380 years ago have to do with Iran?  Your argument is just too unbelievable.

The Iranian constitution was instituted after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Also, the Vietnam Conflict was fighting God less communism.  Adolf Hitler in WW2 believed that his swatstika was a cross the would mow down anyone in its way.  And WW I began because an Austrian prince was killed.  And in Europe back in the day monarch were divinely chosen.

I don't know where you get your information but, Islam abolished slavery in stages.  Read the Koran.  For most sins the punishment is to free a slave.  

And Salman Farsi was trained to be a Zoroastrian priest, he gave that up when he saw a new message coming.  In his lifetim, he researched Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Some accounts have him meeting a follower of Jesus in the Holy Lands before he met Mohammad.

By the way, Ahmad from Bahrain: did you know that Bahrain is part of Iran?  Do you speak any farsi?




Ahmed from Bahrain

Sad Indictment on Humanity

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

We saw such barbarism in many wars - currently Blackwater's Prince is under such question -as was and continues to be the case when human runs wild with power and revenge.

It is not the exclusive domain of Muslims, many of whom I have known in my life of 60 years to be kind, caring and "god-fearing", thus avoid hurting others.

Generally, I am against collectively labelling people just because we can't understand why a certain people in that group carry out barbaric act as shown in this clip r raping weak women in vulnerable situations in prison.

The Islam I was brought up contains non of such tresspass againt anyone. So, do I brand all those I know with the same tar brush as you wish me to?

Offcourse not. I have a capable mind that distinguishes right from wrong and I know many other human beings have similar guidelines regardless whether they are religious or have no belief in God.

Btw, I was in America early 80's and know that country fairly well. My wife has many cousins there (she is New Zealander), and I choose to live where I do.

I prefer to look at the best in human beings and if we collectively did so, I am certian that such vile people will have no place is society.


Ahmed from Bahrain

p.s. deep down i am persian and love you all and wish that one day you can choose to live they way you choose that is better than what it is now and without being judgemental.


Muslim Misinformation

by Sassan on

Even if 95% of Iranians are "muslim" in name, it is WITHOUT CHOICE!!! Technically, I, too, am "muslim" by name, I'm sad to say, as I was born into "muslim" family -- WITHOUT CHOICE!

If given an EDUCATED choice, which will happen in Iran over time with secularization of the education system (grades 1-12) as well as the universities, then Islam will become as marginalized in Iran as Christianity is in Western Europe, IF NOT MORE SO!!!

The only difference is that in our tortured country, we've had Islam SHOVED DOWN our throats by unholy Islamic mullahs for a 1,000! So, of course, we may seem more "muslim" than we really are right now on the surface! Just give us Iranians a chance to choose and to be enlightened under a secular system -- just you wait, you Islamic apologists!

As far as the violence goes, all three religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are semetic, and hail from Abraham and are based on vengeance and retribution. The only difference, and not a minor one, is that at least the Christians have a pacifist in Jesus Christ, who preached "turning the other cheek," whereas Muslims have a warrior in Muhammad, Ali, and Hussein -- all men of war with huge amounts of blood on their hands!

WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam war had very little to do with religion, whereas today's troubles in the Arab and Islamic world are all based on a very real and true reading of the Quran, the Islamic war manual, which was written by 3 Jews and one of us, the most wicked traitor to the Persian culture, Salman Farsi.

Islamists always try to confuse the issue -- often they resort to lies and half-truths to make their case. Do not be fooled. In the cause of Allah, muslims are "divinely" commanded to do whatever it takes (lie, cheat, kill) in order to serve Islam.

After all, Islam requires a slave/master relationship, i.e., as slaves, we all must "submit" to a master/God, whereas in Christianity, it is a Father/Son relationship with God. I would say that's not a minor difference either.


Mr. Reza San Diago

by capt_ayhab on

Firstly thanks for your reply, and apologies for such a delay in responding back to you.

In regards to you and I ever having  a discussion  in this subject you will pardon me if my recollection fails me since I do not ever remember having debated with you on this subject. Although I have read many of your comment under this name and even though I do not agree with all of them but I have enjoyed reading them. Is it perhaps you were using a different userID? which is not important.

You stated[I wrote you on so many occasions justifying my feelings as an IRANIAN like almost every comment here that supports and confirms others feeling like my feelings too Sir! First we must choose to be an Iranian
which has been teaching us all (FOR OVER 2500 YEARS) OF HOW to simply be a HUMAN!

With all due respect the way you capitalize YOUR feeling as an IRANIAN, gives me the impression that YOU do not consider an Iranian of Islam persuasion to be your KIND! Which is the exact point of my question to begin with. My question is: WHEN people of Iran rid the country and governance system of any religion interference, what is going to be faith of 95% of population who believe in Islam?

You stated[Islam and its followers are known for their crimes against humanity for 1400 years dude!!!]

Allow me to give some historical perspective, since it appears that you only WANT to see what you like to see:

1. In the first crusade[1099] Once Christians conquered Jerusalem, close to 35,000 Muslim women, men and children were slaughtered in ONE NIGHT. However when they were defeated  by Muslim army headed by Saladin, all Christians were given safe passage out of the city.

2. WWI[1914-1918]. Total of 37 Million casualties form both sides, which included 16 million dead. All sides were Christians, even though there were Indian and African theaters.

3. Nanking Massacre[Rape of Nanking] Japanese army[All Non Muslim] Killed 300,000 men women and children in Nanjing capital of Republic of China[Manchuria] in course of 6 weeks. During this time Japanese army RAPED 80,000 women, some as young as 7 years old.

4. WWII[1939-1945], European countries ALL Christian engaged in the bloodiest war, in which estimated between 50 to 70 million   perished all in hands of Christians, including 22,000,000 Jews, Gypsies, gays Communist, etc etc who died in concentration camps.

And I am not going to even mention Korean War, Genocide in Cambodia in the hands of Khmer Rouge, Genocide of Muslim in Srebrenica[40,000 Muslims murdered], Vietnam War, etc etc etc, in which it was Christians who were doing all the killings

So dear sir, how is it that according to YOU Islam became the religion of killing?




American Dream

by Sassan on

Says, "No sane person would attack Islam." And then, he says, " Islam is the largest religion in the world."

Where do you get this stuff? Are you sure you're taking your meds?

First of all, Muslims have 1.3 billion followers, while Christianity has 2.2 Billion. Moreover, what do these numbers (of followers) have to do with "sanity?" Just because Muslims in third world countries have far more children than Christians in Western countries -- what does that have to do with the underlying validity of the ideology itself? Do you know how lazy-crazy you sound when you just scratch the surface instead of digging a little deeper?

We're talking about Islam, as an ideology, not it's followers or how many it has around the world (which could be a by-product of many different reasons, none of which necessarily reflects positively on the ideology itself). Nazi Germany had millions of followers too, so would we be "crazy" to attack the Nazi ideology?  


Kaveh Jaan

by anonymous111.2 on

scared? Me? I am a thorne in their side.  That's why she blocked my account once!!!  My mission on this site is to expose them.

BTW, funny thing.  The opportunity to comment on the blog that I mentioned has been closed.  You can't even leave a comment if you want to!!!!!  It seems to happen quite common when our friend is exposed.  First, she deltes your comment, then she closes off the comments so that you can't expose her!!!!!!  what a coward!

I guess she learns from her masters in IRI how to silence the opposition! 

American Dream

Ahmed from Bahrain, no sane person would attack Islam

by American Dream on

I disagree with your point of view.  No sane person would attack Islam.  Here in America, the United States of America we have freedom of religion.  People can practice their religion freely.  No sane person would attack Islam.  Islam is the largest religion in the world. 

We are trying to get to the bottom of the matter of this video clip.

We don't know why these people were hanged.

In America we do have the death penalty.  In America we hang people.  

On more about the death penalty in America please click the following site:


More on the USA and the death penalty:


Various methods have been used in the history of the American
colonies and the United States but only five methods are currently
used. Historically, burning, pressing, breaking on wheel and bludgeoning were used for a small number of executions, while hanging was the most common method. The last person burned to death was a black slave in South Carolina in August 1825.  The last person to be hanged in chains was a murderer named John Marshall in West Virginia on April 4, 1913. Although decapitation was a legal method in Utah for the second half of the 19th century, it was never employed.

Currently lethal injection is the method used or allowed in all of the 36 states which allow the death penalty. Nebraska required electrocution,
but in 2008 the state supreme court ruled that this method is
unconstitutional. In mid 2009 Nebraska officially changed its method of
execution to lethal injection. Other states also allow electrocution, gas chambers, hanging and the firing squad.
From 1976 to October 18, 2008 there were 1,125 executions, of which 954
were by lethal injection, 155 by electrocution, 11 by gas chamber, 3 by
hanging, and 2 by firing squad.

The method of execution of federal prisoners for offenses under the a law in 1994 is that of the state in which the conviction took place. If the
state has no death penalty, the judge must choose a state with the
death penalty for carrying out the execution. For offenses under the
1988 law , the method of executions is lethal injection. There is only one current home of the death chamber for federal death
penalty recipients in the United States, where they receive lethal

The use of lethal injection has almost become standard. From June
2000 to July 20, 2006, only 6 out of 387 executions have been by a
different method. The last execution by any other method was the use of
the electric chair on June 20, 2008 when Reed was executed in South Carolina. The last use of the gas chamber occurred on March 3, 1999 when Walter Legrand was executed in Arizona, the last use of hanging was on 25 January 1996 when Deleware hanged Billy Bailey and the firing squad was also last used in 1996 when Taylor was shot in Utah on January 26.

Montana, until recently, was one of three states allowing the execution of a death sentence by hanging:

The punishment of death must be inflicted by administration of a
continuous, intravenous injection of a lethal quantity of an
ultra-fast-acting barbituate in combination with a chemical paralytic agent until a coroner or deputy coroner pronounces that the defendant is dead.

—Montana Code Annotated 46-19-103 (3).

The remaining two states that allow hanging are New Hampshire, which allows it by decision of the Corrections officials, and in Washington State, at the choice of the defendant.

The electric chair was the major method of execution during most of the 20th century. They developed a special nickname: Old Sparkey (however, Alabama's electric chair became known as the "Yellow mama" due to its unique color). Some, particularly in Florida,
were noted for malfunctions, which caused discussion of their cruelty
and resulted in a shift to lethal injection as the major method of
execution. Although lethal injection dominates as a method of
execution, some states allow an alternate method and a few states allow
at least some death-row inmates to choose the method by which they will
be executed.

Regardless of the method, an hour or two before the execution, the condemned person is offered religious services, and a last meal. Executions are carried out in private with only invited persons able to view the proceedings.


Kaveh Nouraee

Anon 111.2

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yes, they are under this illusion about themselves, but I ask that you do not back down for them. Not one bit. They, like the IR masters they worship, feed from the fear and feelings of intimidation they instill in those who disagree with them.

The one who gets her rocks off by deleting comments is the biggest offender of all, yet she is the last person to worry about. She is a nobody and more and more people are realizing that.


Sadistic Perverted Islam

by Leonis on

It appears that these sadistic perverted people are doing these barbaric acts of sadism and perversion just for fun of it and enjoying it.

Can any society get so disgustingly low?


Ahmed from Bahrain

One word: Barbaric

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Sure, we don't know who are they and for what they are being hanged but it is barbaric to make such spectacle out of death penalty and free for all filming and watching.

What purpose does it serve? Death penalty in all its forms must end. I also see that many here have a free reign on attacking Muslims and Islam. Not all Muslims are like this and it is not clever to paint every Muslim with the same tar brush just because Iran, your country is run by crazy mullahs.

I dare say that many who have risked their lives in the streets of Tehran to oppose this regime are actully Muslims? I wonder of this thought has occured to you guys?

Judge by deeds not by desginations. You might say that Islamic deeds have been vile, but I beg to differ.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Reza -- San Diego

by Sassan on

Well said! I have echoed your sentiments for some time now -- one cannot be a true Iranian and be "faithful" to the teachings of Islam, which I equate with a war manual. Isn't it interesting how almost all Islamists HATE George W. Bush, who started 2 wars, but they worship Muhammad, who fought 78 major battles, of which 77 were offensive! Not to mention the 700 beheadings of Jews by Muhammad and Ali (as mentioned by Jimzbund).

Just ask yourselves, what kind of a God would send messengers who would resort to massive bloodshed and violence in resolving their disputes? What kind of a message does that send to us mere mortals? What kind of an example does that set for future mortals (like Osama Bin Ladin, Khomeini, et al)? What kind of a just and merciful higher power condones this sort of bloodlust in dispute resolution?

Does it make any sense?

If you're objective and not afraid that Allah will turn you into a piece of stone, you will hopefully realize that Islam is nothing more than a contrived bedouin belief system, one that was written by 3 Jews (which explains all the similarities between Islam and Judaism: no pork, circumsicion, etc.) and one of us, the absolute most wicked traitor to the Persian culture, Salman Farsi.

In truth, the Quran is/was the Arab Trojan Horse. And the akhunds, the tretcherous snakes that they are, have seized upon this Arabian Trojan Horse for their own personal gains -- they have opened up a dokan of Islam -- for earthly profit at the massive expense of the Iranian nation, culture and heritage.

The monumental losers in all this are the Iranian people, of course. We have paid so dearly for so long, having been held hostage to the cult of Islam for over a 1,000 years! We Iranian people can no longer put up with this barbaric system of slavery, this "submission" to a foreign belief system.

Thankfully, we have our own native ideology, one that worships life (Norouz) and not death (Islam). Indeed, our homegrown belief system promotes "good words, good thoughts, and good deeds."

In the end, that's all you really need to be whole.

American Dream

Edited Story...Where is the rest of the story?

by American Dream on

Amir wrote:

The information on the video claims that the persons executed in this
clip are Iranian Kurdish students. There's no proof of that. What we
are sure of is that they are human beings and no one deserves this. No

Who made the video clip?

How was it uploaded to you tube?

In a closed society like Iran, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would dare to leak this information to the outside world.

This must have been leaked by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Who are the men in the video clip?

Kurdish Students?  They are too old for high school, they must be University Students.  There is discrimination of Kurds in Iran due to the fact that Iranian Kurds are close to 99.9% Sunni Muslim.  Chances of them being Kurdish Sunni University Students and convicted of a crime that brings on a penalty of death is unlikely.  Sunni Muslim Kurdish University Students stay away from all criminal activity in order to get their college diploma, do their 2 year mandatory military service, get their passport and move to Kurdistan, Iraq or to the west.

They could have been members of a Kurdish seperatist movement.  There are Kurdish seperatist movements in Iran.  They could have been deemed guilty of several crimes that are punishable by the death penalty in Iran.

For more information on executions in Iran:





Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Islam and Akhoonds...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Ghorbone dahan va dastaye nazanine hameye Iranian meehan parast...  lIKE MOST OF YOU HERE, I too am saddened and angered by so much crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic Republic and its EVIL followers...

Capt.ayhab/ Professor!

I hope now you get what I was saying about how to be a TRUE IRANIAN vs wanting to be a Muslim too... We have tried that for 1400 years but majority of us still can't because True Iranians do not have such brutal, unjust and criminal instincts/ DNA/ etc!

Persian teachings are in complete opposition to what Islam stands for in general! (Violence at any cost when you don't share their views and actions!)

I wrote you on so many occasions justifying my feelings as an IRANIAN like almost every comment here that supports and confirms other's feeling like my feelings too Sir! First we must choose to be an Iranian which has been teaching us all (FOR OVER 2500 YEARS) OF HOW to simply be a HUMAN!

Islam and its followers are known for their crimes against humanity for 1400 years dude!!! What on earth were you defending Islam and being Muslim for? Just because we all or majority 95% of us were CONQURED BY MUSLIMS 1400 YEARS AGO AND SUBSEQUENTLY born Muslim (by force and not choice!) musn't make us WANT TO remain and support Islam in any shape or form, especially when we get the chance to get an education and become a professor in the Free World like you ham-meehan!

You will see in the very near future when Islam and Islamic Republic's crimes against humanity are exposed to all Iranians and the world, Us Iranians will think twice before calling ourselves Muslims again!!!

Stick to Iran and be a proud Iranian because True Persian Teachings are among the few teachings (Islam certainly not among them) and a road map to true humanity and salvation to Consciousness for Iranians and the whole world....

We will Free Iran and Iranians. And we will make the world a better place for the future....

Peace and Love 


Kaveh Nouraee

by anonymous111.2 on

Where are all the apologists?  Here they are:


defending the IRI, justifying the unjustifiable and doing some mighty detective work trying to figure out who is their [one] enemy that is writing under various usernames...see, they are under this illusion that everyone loves them, and the people who oppose them are all the reincarnation of one imaginary bogeyman "Zionist" who is writing under different usernames!!!!!!!!  I brought that to their attention, but of course, sister ID had my comment deleted ASAP (I'm not mentioning her name here because if I do, I am sure this comment will be deleted as well). 


Long live Obama supporters!

by shahabshahab on

Those who voted for and supported President Obama could not be any prouder! He has always said that he will settle and "make peace" with the Iranian government. These horriic scenes are now endosred by the Democratss, even if they claim otherwise. I am sure the Obama supporterd will come up with a way to justify these murders in Iran. Let's say they are all terrorists, no, drug dealers, no, rapists?!! Whatever works...


ميدان اعدام؟


به اين فکر افتادم که  کسي ميدان اعدام در زمان  شاهنشاهي را بياد دارد  ؟ همان ميداني که مردم را در روز اعدام دعوت به تماشا ميکردند....راستي کسي ميداند که آيا هنوز آن ميدان بنام اعدام است يا نامي ديگر دارد؟


This is not a current video clip

by Iranyvaliazad on

however, it is heart wrenching to see how Iranians are systematically  being killed by moslem clerics.  These brutal actions, all sanctioned under evil islamic laws, are result of being so stupid to believe in imaginary dities.


The Fallacy

by LalehGillani on

Those who are capable of such atrocities against the human race can’t be bargained with in order to remove them from the helms of power.

Peaceful resistance against IRI is a fallacy adopted by the reformist leaders to prolong the regime’s life. Meanwhile, mullahs are getting ready to change their colors with the winds of time, to save Islam, to seize leadership of the movement again.

We must get ready to die and kill for Iran, for our future, for our freedom. The time to heal will come; now it is the time to rise. We can’t stop these barbaric acts unless we release our nation from the clutches of Islamic theocracy…



by capt_ayhab on

may their souls rest in peace. :(



Still nothing compared to Ali's 700 beheadings in a day

by jimzbund on

Guys, they say Islam is alive because oif blood and tears. They are doing what they are asked to do by their religious leaders who represent the will of Allah on earth. We will have this as long as we have Islam, have no illusions bout it.

Ay Ahurda Mazda, Rid Iran of the Satanic forces of Islam.


Bund, Jimz Bund


cant w8

by shushtari on

to have khamenei and saeed mortazavi and the rest of their murdering gang standing up there.....

soon they'll all hang from the chenar trees on pahlavi avenue 


I hope

by KouroshS on

You know. It has been argued by many in here, that one of the worst mistake that took place in the history of our country, was executing the officials and top generals and officers of the former regime, and that such a thing should not happen again, But then i look at this clip and think and actually pray that the same thing would happened to EACH and EVERY official of this regime, including those dumbasses who are witnessing this and executing the orders. F them all. I hope they all perish in phucking hell. God damn SOB'S.

Kaveh Nouraee

Where are the apologists?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Where are these amoral, worthless people who call themselves Iranian who have done absolutely NOTHING with their miserable lives but to enable and justify this disease of a regime?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. They're all living here in the West criticizing the U.S. and blaming everything that's wrong in the world on them.

Ali P.

My God

by Ali P. on

The 4th man from the left was alive and moving all the way to the end.