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No vacancy
Ahmadinejad & Jews
April 24, 2006

A road trip with student leader Amir Abbas (Siavash) Fakhravar
February 17, 2006

Good for you
Just remember that your right to believe is my right not to believe in your god
January 24, 2006

Is Iran my home?
I'm going back home... or am I?
December 5, 2005

Nice try
"Sahar, Khanoom," Haniye started asking me "Are you married?" Where the hell did that come from? Please shoot me now.
August 17, 2005

Sahar Khanoom mord
"Bale Farhad told me you could get me a fridge... Cheap." Ok. We have lift off.
August 4, 2005

My detonating agent turned out to be a Persian-born European-raised boy named Ramin
July 27, 2005


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