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Basic kindness
This film is about more than just the heroism witnessed in Bam
December 4, 2006

The Shahnameh
Every time one of my Persian American or Persian Canadian friends goes home to Iran for a visit they always ask me what I would like them to bring me back for a present
September 28, 2006

The Iranian dilemma
Why should anyone trust the USA?

June 6, 2006

Imperialism is real
Let us not paint the West as perfect or so advanced in the ways of democracy
January 30, 2006

Friendly fire
A letter to Azar Nafisi, author of "Reading Lolita in Tehran"
November 17, 2005

Make me Persian
I want to see Toot, Bamieh and Sohan in every pastry store
April 21, 2005

Wake up people!
Who is this Bush administration really serving? What have they done for you lately?
January 20, 2005

Spoiled nation
I could only imagine what this man who had lost his country of nurture must have been thinking and feeling
September 3, 2004

June 18, 2004

Interview with film producer/director Aryana Farshad
April 15, 2004

Celebrating elitism
Time to really promote democracy rather than elitism and oligarchy
Januaey 22, 2004

The last colony
Interview with filmmaker Parvin Ansary
December 15, 2003

The celebration of an Iran
October 9, 2003

In freefall
Tales from the zirzameen
June 28, 2003

The end of camelot
Tales from the zirzameen
May 23, 2003

Gathering clouds
Summer of 1978
March 2003

My friend Touss
We created our own planet peopled by our own cast of characters
January 20, 2003

The seven sisters
Tales from the zirzameen #5
December 14, 2002

A good sport
Chehel Setun of Qazvin and Dai Jan Napoleon
November 9 2002

We are responsible!
It should be no surprise that terrorism abounds
October 2002

Misadventures of Kai Kaous
Tales from the Zirzameen
October 2002

Tales from the zirzameen
Story # 3: The man who would be King
September 2002

Meeting Buddha in Bamiyan
The Afghanistan I saw was full of shy smiling little children of many diverse ethnic groups
August 2002

First night in Tehran
A mid summer night's dream amid the yaas
July 2002

From Brian to Rasool
I became so Iranianized that I became a Moslem at the Tehran Rotary Club
July 2002

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Brian H. Appleton

Born Tokyo, Japan March 18, 1950

1952-1955 Athens, Greece
1955-1966 Livorno, Italy
1968-1972 George Washington University, Wash. D.C. graduated Phi Beta Kappa 1972 B.A. Anthropology
1972-1973: fine arts Siena, Italy
1973-1974: Certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language
Georgetown University, Wash., D.C. National Teaching Certification K-6 George Washington University.
1974-1976: English Instructor for Imperial Iranian Air Force, Tehran,Iran
1976-1977: Assistant Manager Iran Marine Industries Co., Tehran and Bushehr.
1977-1979: Employee Relations Officer Bell Helicopter Int'l
1979-1981: Credit Dept. Xerox Corporation San Francisco
1981-1983: principle import export company:"IIA" New York City
1983-1992: lighting design and sales Holophane Corporation New York City and San Jose, Ca.
1992-present: lighting design and sales Lighting Systems Inc. Berkeley, ca.

Avocations: Persophilia, Italophilia, Francophilia, writing, acting, painting, peace activism, child and educational advocacy, sufism, Buddhism, cross cultural studies, Iranianism

Note: I have two boys with special needs so I have become very involved in staying current with newest thought and techniques in occupational therapy, visual perceptive therapy, genetic studies,genetics conferences, bio-tech and genetic engineering progress and brain chemistry, neuro-transmitters and molecular studies... Top

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