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Wednesday, June 21, 2000 / Tir 1, 1379, No. 1006

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By Sadaf Kiani Abbassian
June 21, 2000
The Iranian

Trying to make an "Iranian Sunday" in Berkeley >>> GO TO FEATURE


Feminist women free on bail

TEHRAN, June 21 (AFP) - Two Iranian feminists arrested and detained for having attended an "anti-Islamic" seminar in Berlin in April were freed on bail pending trial, the state news agency IRNA reported. Lawyer Mehranghiz Kar and publisher Shahla Lahiji, known for their campaign for women's rights in Iran, had been held in Evin prison since April 29 for their presence at the seminar earlier in the month >>> FULL TEXT

Akbar Ganji's third letter

Tehran (Bahar) -- Political columnist Akbar Ganji, detained for his "anti-Islamic" comments at the Berlin conference, has written yet another letter to the judiciary chief >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Soroush addresses Shariati seminar

Tehran (Bahar) -- "Those who sell religion are the biggest threat against a religious society," said Islamic thinker Abdolkarim Soroush at a seminar on Ali Shariati at Hosseiniyeh Ershad FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

    Left hook

    New direction

    Kargar Emrooz: Iraj Azin's critique of the new direction chosen by the Iranian Communist Workers Party >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Bamshad says hi (wink)

Hi evrybody !

My name is Bamshad and I am 23 year old boy. I am studynig to get my M.S. in hydraulic engineering [in Iran]. I would be so glad to have some nice friends (females first!!!!). And these are my characteristics : 184 cm height , 65 kg weight , black soft hair and eyes (not heeezz!!). >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Childish

T. Zolfaghari writes: May I suggest that you create a "children's section" and post Ms. Najmeh Fakhraie's articles there. You must be very desperate for articles, if you are letting them appear on your front page. I am mostly referring to "Tehran's good side" which lacks good taste and judgement.

I lived in Tehran for 27 years and it has never reminded me of drug addicts, homeless children and rude people. What exactly is Ms. Fakhraie comparing Tehran to? Could it be the United States in 1855?!

* Deport ALL Iranians too?

Mohsen Kashani writes: Comments by some of the readers about the necessity of deporting Afghan refugees are very disturbing, to say the least... With the influx of Iranian refugees in the U.S. during the past decade, I have had the opportunity to read about their involvement in criminal activities, from petty drug dealing, to major drug trafficking, to heinous murders.

I guess this gives the native people of America the right to demand the repatriation of ALL Iranians who "are responsible for the eventual political turmoil within" Iran "by neglecting to remove the backward and savage Taliban." Well, our version of Taliban, that is >>> FULL TEXT

* Por kardan-e jib

Ahmad Osgouee writes: Googoosh aamad nah baraaye khaandan balkeh baraaye por kardan-e jib-e khod va Kambiz joonesh. Googoosh 20 saal nakhaandeh ast. 20 saal peesh cheh meekhaand, haalaa cheh bekhaanad? Shaah Maahi-e Iran noon-e qiyaafash raa meekhorad va ella naneh-ye bandeh behtar az Googoosh meekhaanad. man ki bilmiram!

* Best news ever

Mohammadreza Akbarbaygi writes: Thank you very much for this news about Googoosh ["Khosh oomadi"]. I live in Tehran and I told this to about 100 people and forwarded your news to 48 friends. Everyone said it was the best news they have ever heard! Thank you very much much again.

Art: Call for Iranian artists: July 18

Dear Artists and Friends: Evolving Perceptions, the annual exhibition for Iranian and Iranian American artists, is holding its 4th annual exhibition in Washington DC at 505 Gallery in the DC Gallery District. Please read below for information regarding EP and the Call for Artists. Please encourage all the artists you know you participate! >>> DETAIILS HERE


Comprehensive History of the Jews of Iran :
The Outset of the Diaspora

By Habib Levy
1999, Mazda Publishers

A reader writes: This is a fascinating history of the oldest Jewish community in the Diaspora. In an initial chapter,the author makes a credible case that the ten lost tribes of Israel are really the Jews of Kurdistan and other northern provinces of ancient Persia. Since Babylon was a Persian province for a thousamd years, the Babylonia talmud was really a product of Persia's Jewish community and Persia was the center of Jewish thought for a thousand years >>> GO HERE

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

I drank wine from the soul's own bowl;

I'm so drunk that my mind is insane.

A fire was kindled in me by a candle;

The sun itself is a moth beside that flame.
-- Rumi
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More news

Sheikh Ali Tehrani attempted suicide

Tehran (Bahar) -- Sheikh Ali Tehrani, the dissident brother-in-law of Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, attempted suicide several days ago, Bahar newspaper reported >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Former Tehran riot squad chief faces arrest over student unrest

TEHRAN, June 21 (AFP) - Iran's military justice department ordered Wednesday the arrest of a former head of a Tehran riot squad in connection with investigations into last July's assault on students which triggered mass unrest, state radio reported >>> FULL TEXT

Hajjarian ready to appear in court

Tehran (Bahar) -- Saeed Hajjarian, leading reformist whose newspaper was shut down for alleged press violations, has told his lawyer that he is prepared to appear in court despite not having fully recovered following last february's assassination attempt >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran's Jews saddened by image built by espionage trial

SHIRAZ, Iran, June 21 (AFP) - In a city where Jews and Muslims have long lived side by side, Shiraz's Jewish community is optimistic about the coming verdicts of 13 Jews accused of espionage but is saddened by the incorrect image of Iranian Jews the trial has created >>> FULL TEXT

Festival omits Beethoven because of female voices

TEHRAN, June 21 (AFP) - Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" was barred from a music festival being staged here Wednesday because it uses the female voice, the organizer of the event said >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami to visit troubled Xinjiang region on China trip

BEIJING, June 21 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is to visit Xinjiang during this week's visit to China despite Beijing's nervousness over armed separatism in the western Moslem-majority region >>> FULL TEXT

Deutsche Bank lends $550 million to Iran

TEHRAN, June 21 (AFP) - A consortium of European banks, led by Deutsche Bank, has provided a 550-million-dollar loan to finance various petrochemical projects in Iran, the press reported Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

OPEC nears deal to raise oil exports

VIENNA (Reuters) - OPEC on Wednesday neared an agreement to raise crude supplies in a cautious effort at taming runaway oil prices that have pushed up energy bills in the West >>> FULL TEXT

Iran and Oman talking about joint offshore gas field

TEHRAN, June 21 (AFP) - Iran and Oman are negotiating to drill wells together in a gasfield straddling their maritime border in the Gulf, Iran's oil ministry said Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Best films nominated in Yazd fest

Tehran (Iran daily) -- The nominees for Best Picture in the Yaz film fest have been announced. Majid Majidi's "Rang-e Khodaa" (Color of Paradise) is among them >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Golshiri Foundation: Independent

Tehran (Bahar) -- Farzaneh Taheri, the wife of the late writer Houshang Golshiri, explains that the literary foundation annouced in his name will be completely independent and >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Swiss Cultural Week in Tehran

Tehran (Bahar) -- The first ever "Swiss Cultural Week" began in a ceremony at Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Arts, attended by the Swiss ambassador (he spoke in Persian) and Iranian officials >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlalis crying over Hashemi-Nasb bonus

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Get this! Now Esteqlal players are grumbling about the 50 million tomans paid out to Mehdi Hashemi-Nasb joinging the club from Persepolis. They should make a movie out of this mess >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

U-17 preparing "without support"

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- The under-17 national soccer team is preparing itself for regional matches. But team members say warm up matches with foreign teams have not materialized and they have not received support from the soccer federation >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Faraki gets top coaching job at Pass

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Hossein Faraki has become the new head coach of Pass. Plus several other news briefs from the club >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Early cinema

Shahrokh Golestan's story of cinema in Iran: Part 4-6 >>> LISTEN HERE

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Sad, but...

Our community is very sad. It's affected by this affair, because people are poorly informed or spread rumors... We, however, we feel Iranian. We have been here for 3,500 years!

-- Samir, 70-year-old Shirazi Jew
June 21, 2000

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