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Googoosh II

I was driving from New York to San Francisco in a car with a broken radio. To keep my sanity during the solo 4,000-mile trip across corn fields and deserts, I bought a portable CD player with a special cassette which would play the songs on the car stereo. The volume control was broken. I could hear but only in maximum volume. Ino felan dashteh bashin...

I had packed all my CDs in a box and shipped them before I left New York. All I had were three CDs I had borrowed from my friend Sussan Tahmasebi; one of them was a collection of some of Googoosh's best hits. That's all I heard for 120 hours.

I didn't preserve my sanity the way I had hoped. Googoosh drove me nuts. But in a nice way... Sort of.


P.S. These were my favorite tracks (in RealAudio format):

Pol (1k)
Makhlooq (1k)
Mah Pishooni (1k)

Download RealAudio here

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