Introduction to Persian


Time is still.

Only a velvet breeze
Brings back
the smell of you
from distant lands.

The breeze
Dances with the trees
And flirtatiously
sneaks in my sunlit room
to make love to the lace curtain.

I sit silently
and watch.

The breeze caresses;
The curtain moves to every sigh
Impregnated with scents of flowers
From distant lands...

The trees outside
Whisper the gossip
of the secret love of the curtain
And the breeze.


Moments later
The breeze is gone
But the scent of flowers
still lingers in the room.

Time is still
A dog's bark
breaks the music of silence
from time to time.

The lace curtain
Spread over the chair
Desperately waiting
for the next breeze...


Kamran Hooshmand
Sunday, 18 February, 1996
Austin, Texas

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