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Nice try
The failed Nojeh coup

July 12, 2004

On July 11, 1980 and months after the ruthless Khomeini regime invaded our beloved country, approximately a thousand brave Iranians including some of the world's best fighter pilots, paratroopers and officers planned a secret coup that could potentially take back the country.  Their plan was to bomb Khomeini's residence in Jamaran as well as  Mehrabad Airport and a few other key strategic locations.  Soon after the air operations, ground forces would enter Iran from the west and join the campaign. It was projected that in 48 hours, Iran would have a new government.

The operation would be initiated by two F-4 phantoms taking off from the Shahrokie Airbase near Hamedan.  The Phantoms would first target Jamaran and obliterate Khomeini's residence using 750 pound and cluster bombs. This was a crucial stage in the plan and had the fighters taken off from the airbase and successfully completed the mission, the plan was given a high success rate.  As one of the top officers had said "Give me Shahrokhie Airbase and I will give you back Iran."

In the afternoon on July 11, 1980 (18 Tir, 1359) as the pilots are driving towards the airbase, they soon find out their plan has been leaked. Many are arrested at lightening speed including Brigadier General Ayat Mohaghegi, the officer in charge of the air operations.  Some manage to escape and some still remain in Iran.

It seems like only yesterday when I saw for the first time General Mohagheghi's face on Iranian state TV.  At a young age of 12, I remember seeing the tribunal of an articulate man who answered all the questions asked of him with a calm reassuring voice.  

A few days ago, I saw that very interview again.  The general's account of their plan could easily be a Hollywood movie script only that this was no movie.  As I am watching the tape I ask myself what would have happened if the coup had succeeded and we would have got ridden of the cancers that have invaded our country for the past 26 years. How different life would have been for the five million Iranians who now live outside of Iran.

Watching the tribunal is also depressing.  At a glance one sees a well educated man who adored his country and knows that in hours he will be walking to his own execution.  Knowing that one of the best fighter pilots in the world is about to be executed by his own countrymen while an enemy from the west is invading that very country feels like never wanting to be Iranian.

The illiterate imbecile who is asking him the questions is symbolic of how a group of mullahs hijacked our country and executed and continue to execute some of the bravest, smartest and most patriotic Iranians.  In that interview, General Mohagheghi never gave the names of other officers who were involved in the coup (except those already arrested or executed) and his bravery saved the lives of many officers who still live in Iran.

Shame on us all Iranians who are only good in bragging about how superior we are to other nationalities when in reality socially and culturally we are light years behind everybody else.  For the past 25 years Iranians have been executing their brothers, friends and cousins simply for having different opinions.  To us Iranians life is worthless.

This article is dedicated to those who lost their life for their country. Their names may be found in the

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