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Too evil to have anyone's sympathy
In this tragedy, besides peoples of Lebanon and Israel, we Iranians are the real losers



Ghassem Namazi
August 7, 2006

A number of articles have been written in support of the Hezbollah or Israel in the past few weeks. Rightly so, many of us are concerned about the civilians on both sides. A lot of innocent people have lost their lives. One can not help but ask what should the role of us Iranians be in the midst of this conflict and the possibility that it may lead to an eventual invasion of Iran.

Although facts are scarce in any war, there are specifics that we can be fairly certain about:

The Iranian regime provides moral, financial and military support to the Hezbollah. The Hezbollah does not have the know how and financial muscle to acquire 13000 rockets, unknown amount of RPGs, anti tank missiles and a huge arsenal of other military hardware. On its own and without any Iranian support, the Hezbollah is never able to provide such a vast social security service to its people. A social service that Iranians inside Iran could only dream about.

The Iranian regime has declared and is an anti Semitic government and will not rest until the state of Israel is annihilated. It uses the Palestinian cause as an excuse for its mischievous goals in the Middle east. The Ayatollah Khamnei declared last year that he will drop an atomic bomb on the state of Israel for the Palestinian cause. A statement that the state retracted immediately. The pillars of the Islamic Republic are based on the destruction of the state of Israel, NOT creation of a Palestinian state. Mr. Ahmadinejad whom some people falsely refer to as an "elected president" is a true anti Semite and a true representative of the Iranian government.

Much like the Iranian regime, nationalism does not play any role in Hezbollah's policies and goals. Thirty thousand Iranians lost their lives in the Bam earthquake. The Iranian regime could not care less. Two Palestinians are killed or injured, the media in Iran goes haywire for days. The Hezbollah members are Lebanese, yet their claim to fame is the destruction of Israel! There are no Lebanese flags in sight in Hezbollah's demonstrations and press conferences. Nonetheless pictures of the Iranian Ayatollahs can be seen everywhere. The Hezbollah does Iran's dirty work in Lebanon.

In this tragedy, besides peoples of Lebanon and Israel, we Iranians are the real losers. There has always been strong historical ties between Iranians and Lebanese. Take a trip to Isfahan and you'll find out why. As a kid when my family visited Beirut; I could sense the respect we Iranians had among both Christians and Moslems in Lebanon. Sadly, that is probably all lost now. The Mullahs have left us no respect. They have just about destroyed Iran and are in the process of moving to other parts of the Middle east. Iranian government supports a militia group in Lebanon that is tearing apart the entire country.

I am happy to see that the Iranian population inside Iran clearly recognizes this fact and has distanced itself from the regime. Ask an average person inside Iran and he or she will tell you how our resources are being wasted in Lebanon. However, judging from the many articles posted on this site, one concludes that many of us in the west do not realize that the Mullahs are the real instigators of this war.

We Iranians in the west have a clear choice to make at this juncture of our lives. Either to stand with the Iranian people or spend our time and resources on issues that do not matter one bit to our fellow citizens. Many of us have silently stood by and watched the atrocities of this regime against the Iranian people. However, the west will refuse to quietly watch and let a government that is committed to the destruction of Israel bring havoc to the rest of the Middle east. Iran and the west will eventually come head to head. I am not sure how it will be resolved. There is a good possibility that Iran will be invaded.

None of us want the invasion of our homeland. Especially after what has happened in Iraq. In my view any PR work in the west against an Iranian invasion is a waste of time. The Mullahs are too evil to have anyone's sympathy. The invasion of Iran can be avoided if we unite and become organized to get rid of the Mullahs ourselves. It's hard, but it can be done. We have to put our differences away. Comment

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Ghassem Namazi


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