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Placing blame where it counts
Palestinians need a wake up call

Faye Fereshteh Farhang
July 13, 2004

It is baffling how a group of people exist as the Palestinians have done for practically half a century. Clearly half a century of fighting with the Israelis, half a century of sacrificing "their children" through suicide attacks, and half a century of hate has not been enough. It all seems to be wrapped up in, "we are going to kick them out!"

It appears that more than ever the Palestinians need a wake up call -- who are they going to kick out? The Israelis are there to stay and rightfully so -- but let's turn the issue to why the people of Palestine seem to not think that non-violence resistance or honest compromise is the solution to at least reaching some level of understanding with the Israelis?

Why do intellectual Palestinians not curb this Islamic fundamentalism that is tearing through their children, leaving them destitute, victims of their own actions. The idea of their living conditions is in the least haunting -- how many more years are they willing to sacrifice their children? How many more years are they willing to live like cattle, people deprived of their humanity in refugee camps.

It seems that the Palestinians have confused their priorities for a long time -- they seem to be sacrificing posterity and any possible development of their people for a smaller portion of land that may not be worth the great loss of posterity. After all what happened to the notion of conquering land, developing and rebuilding, that could effectively be done in the territories if there is peace. The latter I should add is an Islamic theory, the idea of development and progress was one endorsed by Mohammad for years.

The question becomes which is more important, the survival and success of a people or the persistance of revolting violence that will obtain no legitimate end. So far the Palestinians have chosen violence -- violence that will not bring them land!

To end on a personal note -- I am sorry for the Palestinians and my heart grieves for the Israelis, especially the Iranian Jews who moved to Israel in pursuit of a better life, one better than the lives taken from them in Iran by brutal fundamentalists. In the end, some of our Jews, Iranians, have become the victims of suicide bombings -- this is both painful and absolutely unforgivable.

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By Faye Fereshteh Farhang


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