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March 18, 2006

From an album in the 1970s:

* Leili Bavaneh
* Shir Begoo Dotaa
* Dame Gol
* Rooze Jomeh
* Aziz Beshin Kenaaram
* Gole Gandom
* Nakon Enghadar Naaz
* Dokhtar Shirazi
Thanks to Mila Esfandiary

Most people remember Shusha reaching international fame in 1977. She was another Iranian female artist besides Pari Samar who had gained the respect of critics and fans alike. I was lucky enough to find "Persian Love Songs and Mystic Chants" CD in San Francisco in 1992 and have not seen it anywhere else. Hope everyone will enjoy her beautiful voice (with Duncan Lamont playing the flute and Behboudi on zarb).

From the cover: This recording, dedicated entirely to her Persian roots, captures a performance of exquisitely beautiful songs of love, betrothal, separation and mystical wisdom, sung in the intimate and sensitive style that has made Shusha an internationally known performer. These are songs of deep, heartfelt, sincerity and unpretentious subtlety, that transcend all cultural of national boundaries, touching the listener's spirit. Bask in the richness of the flute and Zarb accompaniment and immerse yourself in the cool, soothing timber of Shusha's voice. -- Azam Nemati

1 Silver Gun: From Shiraz
2 Wheat Flower: Harvest Song
3 The Rain: From Gilan
4 The Stars in Heaven :From Shiraz
5 On Top of The Hill: From Shiraz
6 The Silken Handkerchief: From Fars
7 Darling Leili: From Gilan
8 I have come to ravish my heart: a Lori Song
9 The Lor Youth: Bakhtiary Tribe
10 Luilaby: From Gorgan
11 Girl From Boyer Ahmadi Tribe
12 My Beloved is Short: Fars
13 The Water Pipe
14 You must come to me: MAMASSARNI Tribe-fars
15 Darling Dareyne; From Mazandaran
16 Masnavi: Mystic chant from the book of Rumi

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