Academic Access

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
Center for Media Study and Research
Computer Society of Iran
Electric Power Research Center
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan
Institute for International Energy Studies Contact: Zahra Hashemi
Institute for Research in Planning & Development
Contact: Rahmatollah Raisi,

Remarks: Only a few PCs running Netware are on the Internet.

Institute for Rice Research
Intelligent Systems Research Institute at IPM,
Web: //
International Institute of Earthquake Engineering & Seismology Contact: Parisa Amiri Sani
Name Server:
Physics Group:
Mathematics Group:

Web: //
Gopher: gopher://

Remarks: Large LAN of at least 50+ networked PCs running SCO-Unix, Linux, or Netware; Sun workstations (Solaris); a Microvax 3100/20E (VMS, Internet gateway); and IBM RS 6000s (AIX), all on the Internet.

Iran Management & Productivity Study Center Contact: Mr. Tabandeh
Iran Remote Sensing Center
Iran Telecommunications Research Center
Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences Contact: Dr. Niakan
Iranian Fisheries Research and Training Organization
Iranian Mathematical Association
Iranian Physical Society
Iranian Statistical Society
Janbazan Engineering & Medical Sciences Research Institute Contact: Mr. Yazdi,

Remarks: Only a few machines are on the Internet.

National Cartography Center
National Research Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Contact: Armin Madadkar
Gopher: gopher://

Remarks: Only 1-2 Sun Workstations (Solaris) of the center's LAN are on the Internet.

O & A Science Center
Aeronautical University of Iran
Ahvaz University Medical School
Al-Zahra University, Tehran Contact: M. Fathian-pour
Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran Contact: Mohammad-Taghi Lavasani
Computer Engineering Dept.:
Mathematics Dept.:
Mechanical Eng. Dept.:

Remarks: Some 20+ PCs (running Netware and SCO-Unix) and Sun Workstations at the Computer Engineering Dept., as well as the Computing and Information Center are on the Internet.

Baghiatollah Medical Sciences University
Bu Ali Sina University, Hamadan
Gorgan University of Agriculture
Guilan University Contact: Kamran Shokoufandeh
Dept. of Agriculture:,
College of Engineering:
College of Education:
College of Humanities:
College of Science:
Gopher: gopher://

Remarks: Only 4-5 SCO-Unix/Netware boxes and routers out of the campus-wide network are on the Internet. Guilan University is the only outside-Tehran VSAT link in IRANET.

Imam Hossein University, Tehran
Imam Sadegh University, Tehran
Industrial Management Institute
Informatics Society of Iran Contact:
Web: //
Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran Masood Mehrpour
Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran Davood Mohtashami

Remarks: Presently only a few VAX 6410 servers (VMS) at the Computing Center are on the Internet.

Isfahan University Contact: Saeed Arbabian
Research Directorate:
Isfahan University of Technology
Contact: Hassan Tafazoli
[postmaster,tafazoli] Agriculture Dept.:
Chemical Engineering Dept:
Civil Engineering Dept.:
Mechanical Engineering Dept.:
Industrial Engineering Dept.:
Computer Engineering Dept.:
Mathematics Dept.:
Ftp: (

Remarks: Only a few machines in the Computer Center and the Electrical Engineering Department are on the Internet.

Isfahan Research Center
Islamic Azad University, Tehran
Islamic Azad University, Tabriz
Jahaad-e Daaneshgaahi
Kerman University
Khaje-Nassir-Toosi University of Technology
Contact: M. Abrishamchian
Faculty of Science:
Electrical Engineering Dept.:
Mechanical Engineering Dept.:
Civil Engineering Dept:
Mashad University Contact: Amin Hosseini
Gopher: gopher://

Remarks: Presently only the main computing center server (an ICL/DRS6000 running Unix-SVR4), and a few PCs running netware are on the Internet.

Razi University
Shahed University, Tehran
Research Directorate:
College of Engineering:
College of Arts:
College of Human Sciences:
College of Basic Sciences:
College of Agriculture:
College of Dentistry:
College of Medicine:
Shahrekord University Contact:
Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran Contact: Amir Solaymani
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran Contact: Shahriar Pourazin

For departmental information, contact postmaster at the following domains:

Computing Center/also gopher server:
University Administration:
Biology Department:
Chemistry Department:
Electronics Research Center:
Research Administration:
Electrical Engineering Dept:
Computer Engineering Dept:
Chemical Engineering Dept:
Material Science Dept:
Industrial Engineering Dept:
Civil Engineering Dept:
Mathematics Department:
Mechanical Engineering Dept:
Physics Department:

Gopher: gopher://

Remarks: Large campus-wide network of hundreds of PCs, Unix Workstations, and VMS machines - at least 100 of which are on the Internet. All Academic units are connected. Currently the best developed campus-wide network in Iran.

Shiraz University
Tabriz Medical Sciences University
Tabriz University
Tafresh University
Tarbiat-e Mo'alem (Teacher Training) University, Tehran Contact: Sayyad Najafi

Remarks: Only a few PCs running Netware are on the Internet.

Tarbiat-e Modares (Professor Training) University, Tehran Contact: Saeed Jalili

Remarks: Large network of 100+ PCs and Unix Workstations all on the Internet.

Tehran University Contact: Zain-al-abedin Navabi, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.:
Fatemeh Asgari, ECE Network Administrator:
Web: //

Campus wide:,

Faculty of Science:
Faculty of Literature:
Veterinary Medicine:
Faculty of Business Admin:
Faculty of Education:
Geophysics Institute:

Remarks: Presently only a few machines in the Electrical Engineering Department's LAN (running Netware and Linux) are on the Internet.

Tehran College of Fine Arts
Urmia University
Valiasr University, Tehran
Zanjan University of Medical Sciences

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