American Red Cross/Iranian Red Crescent


Any donations that are sent to the addresses provided below will go to the International Federation of the Red Crescent which is coordinating the relief aid. It will buy items as needed and ship the supplies to Iran. Blankets, bottled water, tents, medicine, clothing, and food will be sent directly to the earthquake victims.


According to my latest information, many from the Iranian-American community are offering medicine and other materials, but the Red Cross will not ship "in kind" donations to Iran. However, the money you donate will be specifically used for the earthquake victims and will be
used to buy the supplies in a coordinated manner.

The aid will go to the Iranian Red Crescent, which is a non-governmental organization. As a signatory to the Geneva Convention, the Iranian government must recognize the neutral status of the Red Crescent and respect its aid efforts.

You can send checks payable to the American Red Cross to the following address: (PLEASE INDICATE IN THE MEMO SECTION OF THE CHECK THAT THE MONEY IS FOR THE IRANIAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF. The Red Cross guarantees that the money will be used for the relief fund only.)

National Chapter
American Red Cross
PO Box 37243
Washington, D.C. 20013

OR: You can charge your aid donation on Visa or Mastercard by dialing 1-800-HELPNOW. Be sure to designate your donation to the victims of the Iranian earthquake.

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