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The traveler and the thief

February 13, 2001
The Iranian
Persian original


You taught me the language of water and plants

Enabling me to look straight in the eye of

Whoever is telling fortunes

On the fringes of the world

Or is reciting a poem

On the podium.


With your sleight of hand

You disclosed all the secrets of the world

Bringing out startling pieces of news

From each box,

And the woods, seas, and men

All came to accept their meanings

Through dialogue with you.


It is you who found the fountains in the crowded woods

And showed me the coral islands of the seas.


It was upon your decree that

I could forget an ancient wrath

Governing all hearts and fountains

And could wear a ring of reconciliation

That was pulled from

The cupboard of my memories.


You are the leader of a caravan

In which I am both traveler and thief

And it is only with you

That I confess

To the good name of


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