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Khoshhalam keh zendeh-am (Persian)
An interview with Shahrnoush Parsipour.
J. Javid

The Persian Gulf debate
A major airline corrects its inflight map; questions linger.

Kababometers for Kens and Barbies
Have you tried the 70-cm kababs at Alborz Restaurant in Tehran?
Maryam Shargh

Bill Clinton all the way?
Iranians pick their choice for U.S. president.

Home away from home
On the need for a community cultural center for Iranian immigrants.
Lailee van Dillen

The Los Angeles music scene
An American writer reviews Iranian pop singers.

Oh (Big) Brother!
George Orwell? 'Fraid so.

Letter from America
A 13-year old Iranian American talks about her life, hobbies, interests.
Sheila Mostafavi

Iran's new secret weapon
A new threat to Middle East security, James Defence Weakly reports.

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