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The Mohammadis
Prisoners of conscience

By Reza M.
June 21, 2004

Manouchehr Mohammadi has been attacked and tortured in prison for his continuous support and encouragement of the youth to set up gatherings and non-violent resistance and therefore, with his brother have been transferred many times to solitary confinement. Two weeks prior to both the first and the second anniversary of Tehran University’s dormitory incident he went on hunger strike, and was transferred to solitary confinement.

On the third anniversary of the student uprising Manouchehr and Akbar were both transferred to Qaemshahr (Shahi) and Sari prisons; first to solitary confinement and later on to the section for murderers. His hunger strike angered the prison officials when they decided to tie him on a cross. While on a cross he was lashed and beaten until four of his ribs were broken. Then he was transferred to his cell where in order to use its toilet he could only lie on the floor and had to drag himself for an hour in order to reach it.

On the fourth anniversary Manouchehr was transferred with his eyes closed to the Sepah prison. After five weeks in solitary confinement and under tortures he was then brought to the revolutionary court. The new sentences passed were (i) One year imprisonment for his political activities, (ii) 30 lashes and IR300,000 fine followed by a year imprisonment for his complains to the judiciary officials.

In the meantime Akbar was transferred to Evin prison. Simin, their sister and their father Mr. Mohammad Mohammadi took the case up with the Ministry of Information. Soon they were both arrested, Mr. Mohammad Mohammadi was imprisoned where after his heart failure was transferred to a hospital and Simin Mohammadi was not allowed to attend her university exams. Later on they were both released on bail.

At the time of his arrest Akbar Mohammadi was a Tehran University’s student in the faculty of Social Sciences who was accused for helping the students in the dormitories by taking food and water to them on 9th July 1999 uprising.

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