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Captain Hafiz

Shahram S. Nahavandi
July 27, 2007

Shahram S. Nahavandi loves Hafiz of Shiraz and it shows in most of his Persian calligraphy works. He was born in 1950 in Gorgan, IRAN. He lived most part of his teen years in the beautiful city of Ahvaz and then Tehran for college. Nahavandi moved to United States in the early 70's to follow his dreams of becoming an airline pilot. But his love for Persian calligraphy never stopped, he says: "I always had my calligraphy tools with me in my flight bag, practicing in my hotel rooms on layovers in different U.S. cities or on international trips." He left his position as captain with major airlines at age 50 and presently runs a travel related aviation consulting firm in Washington, DC. area. For special orders he can be reached at (Washington, DC eGallery of Persian Calligraphy Arts)

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