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Messages on Mehregan
Photo essay: Mehregan celebration in Orange County


Sourena Mohammadi
October 3, 2005

Annual Mehregan celebration in Costa Mesa, southern California, organized by the Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County (NIPOC) on Saturday & Sunday, (October 1-2, 2005). Photographs for "Project Tehrangeles" at >>> See photos


Tehrangeles is an interdisciplinary project documenting the Iranian transnational culture and its particular presence in California. It deploys a variety of approaches to interview, record, edit, digitize, preserve and make available for public scrutiny, for scholarly research and for future generations, first person narratives and original documents about Iranian immigrants.

Tehrangeles is in part about the cultural icons of Iranian American life as well as day-to-day practices that both define or transcend the contours of the community. The projetc is unique and important in its reach, in creating an electronic record of the Iranian immigrant experience to preserve the past and make possible examination of the fluid constructs of the diasporic community.

We are interested in Iranian cultural imprints in familiar neighborhoods around Los Angeles, from Westwood to the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere. If you are interested to participate in this project please Inner Layers at

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Sourena Mohammadi

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