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Speech at German-Iranian Cultural Society (Goethe Institute) in Tehran in October 1977, published in Dah Shab ("Ten Evenings", 1979, Amir Kabir publishers).

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Comment for The Iranian letters section

By Houshang Golshiri

Jen Nameh
A novel

King of the benighted
Novella excerpt


The price of a pressless society
Faraj Sarkuhi's article on the need for a vibrant press (Persian text)
Translated by Vahid Naraghi

Knowing silence
Editor of banned magazine on being a journalist
By Gholam- Hossein Zakeri

Moqadamehee bar adabiyaate faarsi dar tabeed: 1357-1375
Persian literature in exile (1979, 1996)
By Malihe Tirgol

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