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November 12, 2003

Persia uber ales

Who are the Iranians?

Reza Vatandoust, Law Student Society
Faculty of Law-UTS
Sydney, Australia

1. Twelve thousand years ago, they invented irrigated farming.
2. They invented writing.
3. They figured out how to tell time.
4. They founded modern mathematics.
5. In the Code of Hammurabi, they invented the first legal system that protects the weak, the widow and the orphan.
6. Five thousand years ago, they had philosophers who attempted to list every known thing in the world.
7. They were using Pythagoras' theorem 1,700 years before Pythagoras.
8. They invented artificial building materials, some kind of pre-fab-crete stuff used to construct high-rise towers.
9. Northern Iran, is assumed to be the place we're all descended from.
10. They were the first people to build cities and live in them.
11. For thousands of years, they wrote the greatest poetry, history and "sagas" in the world and they still do.
12. Because they were great horse breeders, they invented the cavalry in war, Knights of the King originate in Ancient Persia, and they invented other things like the Game of Polo (Cho-gun).
13. They invented the postal system
14. Emperor Darius the conqueror invented and built the Suez Canal giving access to the Persian Navy to the Mediterranean Sea (Infact that is precisely how the Moslem armies went as far as Spain some thousand years later)
15. The Iranian Museum in Tehran contains some of the most outstanding stone, metal and clay sculptures and inscriptions created in the history of the world. Some of them are more than 7,000 years old. If a bomb hits this place, art lovers around the world will go into mourning.
16. The first school for astronomers was established by Iranians. This is how the "wise men" got to be so wise. They knew how to follow the stars.
17. Beginning around 200 A.D., the Iranians founded universities that exported teachers throughout the civilized world to teach medicine, mathematics, philosophy, theology, literature and poetry inter alia...
18. Abraham, the father of Israel, was from Persia.
19. Abraham, the father of Islam, was from Persia (Which means Abraham was Persian)
20. Abraham, the father and "model" of Christian faith, was from Persia.

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